Can't send my LUNC out

Summary Can’t send my LUNC out

Steps To Reproduce Issue I tried to send my lunc out via terra station (terra 2.0)

Expected Result send them out

Actual Result signature verification failed; please verify account number (4260604) and chain-id (columbus-5): unauthorized

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)


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I have the same problem.

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Select “classic” net, instead of “mainnet” and issue solved. I was using a terra 2.0 net with parameters given by others. It didn’t work. Hope it’s helpful.

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I couldn’t withdrew my ANC from Terra wallet, what should I do?

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Guys i got also same error , how can you solved this error guys please help me

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I have the same issue for my UST in Terra Wallet. I already switched to Classic network but still can’t transfer UST out.

You need to be on the Classic network in your Terra Station wallet.