Change Name of Luna Classic

As Luna classic’s revival plan is progressing quickly, I would suggest to change the Luna Classic’s name to something else as Luna Classic looks like an older version or secondary coin of LUNA2. The name should be in my opinion Luna Original or something else what community decides.

This new identity can be one of the step of Luna Classic revival plan, followed by new fast blockchain, More products and utilities.

This proposal may help LUNA to give its new identity.

note: I tried to change my username but I couldn’t change it.

Waste of time. As you can see world accepted Luna Classic. We should be solving problems, not to rename problems. Btw LUNO? :smiley: (original)


If you note recently LUNA 2.0 got benefit from LUNC rally and it went up by 200% then Do Kwon took the opportunity to try to pump it even more on twitter. What if another scandal happens through Luna 2.0 it will also take LUNC with it.

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It was just price correction. Even when you rename lunc it could happen. But dont worry. Now lunc runs for next bull…

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Coca-Cola Classic is probably the best selling soft drink in the world. Just saying …


#LUNC is still in the shadow of #LUNA, Is hurting the community. We must rename the coin.


Agree, if you note recently LUNA 2.0 got pumped after #LUNC’s rally and do kwon twitted :hammer: to pump it even more. Tomorrow if another scam happens then it will also damage the reputation of LUNC. If we dont have name LUNA at all then it would be better. in my opinion.


$REBEL might be a good name


You can see today Luna 2.0 and Luna Classic both had significant amount of correction after the news of South Korea issues arrest warrant of Do Kwon. Luna Classic was bouncing back after the correction and suddenly this news pulled it back along with Luna 2.0

This correction was caused by bad habits on american markets. LUNC is more volatile then BTC etc. After market realize that LUNC circulation supply will be getting lower not temporaly by just staking but permsnently by burning in significant numbers then you can see another correction in bull price