No one wants the name “Luna classic”

Let’s keep this as a place to discuss the best names for the first chain and pick the best 5 for a governance vote. Thank you for participating!

I’ll start, I suggest Luna Apollo


I’d stick with the latin theme – Luna Prima (or Prima Luna) (first moon). At least it sounds better than Luna Classic.


Eclipse. Just Eclipse. We can ditch the name LUNA

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LUNAC (pronounced ‘lunacy’) would seem very apt? But to be serious; I fail to see why the name ‘Luna’ can’t just stay with the original chain and give the forked token an all new shiny name, surely that would be better for fresh start marketing?


DK probably won’t allow it.

We can call the network Luna Prima and the coin Apollo. The new network can be Roman/Greek themed. I like it!

agreed, we are $LUNA not $LUNC … take that shit somewhere else

I dont know… its all about quality and seriousness. So Luna Classic for me should be better then Luna after a fork.

Look at Coca Cola which brand label now is known all over the world.
There are several options …
Cola Light, Cola Zero, Cola idk… but in the end the good old Cola Classic is still the best.