Change The Name Of Terra Luna Classic

1-I would recommend to force LUNA 2.0 to change the name
2-after that you can return LUNC real name LUNA

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I support both blockchains. Out of the entire cosmos ecosystem I was drawn to Luna. :grin:

Reality was there was no need to change Luna’s name at all, but we all know we were cast aside and basically abandoned, that is the truth of the matter. I watched tens of thousands of pounds in my portfolio turn into barely pence! Did I give up? No I purchased more at the bottom and truth is I’m still down but not giving up on the coin, I am just trying to help give some advice (I have 20 years+ marketing experience for some of the top blue chip companies in the world) if people don’t agree or want that advice than so be it, but at least I tried rather than sit and slate other proposals even if I don’t agree. :man_shrugging: I hoped the environment here would be a little more constructive. I guess I was wrong still at least I know now not to bother staking my own money for a proposal.

that’s just plainly false, the other word to describe this initiative is branding or rebranding. LunC has a checkered past and rebranding will be key to getting back on track. Quick go tell anyone in any economy major or class that branding doesnt matter.

Then why all this marketing, branding, rebranding, all fools do it? The biggest companies are just a brand - a vision they sell, sometimes even with poor technology. Everyone can express their opinion. Thank you for yours.

The world needs to see how Lunc comes back to life creating a good ecosystem. A name change shows nothing.

LunaOne sounds more modern and cutting edge than Classic… can we live up to that name is the question… right now, we are simply Classic…


I associate the classic with relics like ETC, old technology. I hear about it, I turn off the excavators. When Luna changed to classic, I almost sold everything. That’s my opinion. I will support - Luno - LunaOne and the new era of crypto.
We have the best crypto community. We can run several and a dozen projects simultaneously. A conversation about wallet and numbers will do nothing without a good one - brand, I think …

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I will sell everything and go completely to Luna if the name is changed :sweat_smile:

In the beginning there was a word! Do you know what a harmonic triad is? Tonika / Subdominanta / Dominanta. Perhaps Ed has a PhD several times and is a great computer scientist, but he does not know that the harmonic trend is the oldest technology and can destroy pallets with one sound = change = reverse gravity! This was used in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Please read on it!
Why Bishop / Rabbi 8HZ? singing - frequency - Nikola Tesla 3/6/9 - Harmonic triada. This is exclactly number, Luno = 8 a money number - Numerology.

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please vote in version 3