Create a calculator for Do Kwon plan

The proposal of Do Kwon is made by different % to different holders but is not clear how much each holder would get if this proposal moves forward.

People might vote this proposal without understanding how much of their initial capital will get back until it’s dropped to them.

Do Kwon should add a calculator to support his proposal that clearly shows how much each holder would get based on the different parameters : the amount of assets, when they were purchased, etc. Many people are misinterpreting this proposal expecting to recover from their losses and they might end up getting less order of magnitude less than what they are expecting. If that is not possible because he can’t code a stable calculator please add a reference table with example scenarios. Example you will get 1 LUNA for X LUNC hold before date Y. Add the difference between on chain an off chain


Really good idea. Stops the alerts too as we know what we are getting

There is no point - everyone is getting nothing almost. When he’s moved the funds to himself -

He knew what was coming


Allocation of New Luna for Luna holders at Launch:

10% of 1 Billion = 100,000,000 Luna allocated for those who hold old luna aka Lunc at launch 27th May.

(Total Supply)6.9 Trillion / 100,000,000 = 69,000

1 Luna for every 69,000 Lunc you hold at Launch snapshot.

69000 x 0.0002 = $13.8

New Luna have to reach $13.8 for breakeven if you bought Lunc at 0.0002


Do Kwon’s amendments to proposal#1623 are now added to this simulation calculator: Luna Airdrop | TerRarity

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I did, I need someone to double check and confirm it is correctly calculate than misinform.

Yeah swapping to Luna V2 if you bought AFTER 5/7 (Post-Attack holder) you will get these many Luna V2:

Luna V2 Distribution = Luna V1 Holdings / 69000

So for example if you hold 10,000,000 tokens now:

Luna V2 Distribution = 10,000,000 Luna V1 tokens / 69000

Luna V2 Distribution = 144 tokens

Assume you pay 1200 dollars at the current price you will get about 10,000,000 Luna V1 tokens. For you to break even each Luna V2 token would need to be $8.33. Also, you would have to wait 2 years, it is much higher if you try to break even at Genesis.

People who bought on 5/12 are going to get ESPECIALLY wrecked because they are included in calculations of a circulating supply of 6.5 trillion instead of 1.46 billion!

Here is the modified calculator from the original.

There’s at least 1B “TOTAL SUPPLY” before depeg. Everybody seem to be focused on the 342M circulating supply.

Divide 6.9T, current total supply, by 1B, initial total supply. You get rate of change 6,900.

Divide your post depeg holding by 6,900 to get equivalent of pre depeg Luna quantity.