How do we calculate the airdrop amount?

I’m trying to calculate the airdrop amount, is this the right calculation?

LUNA total supply post-depeg: 6,907,109,366,623
UTS total supply post-depeg: 11,278,951,456
LUNA circulating supply pre-depeg: 342,614,982.82
UST total supply pre-depeg: 3,874,400,000

New LUNA allocations:
UST holder allocations pre-depeg = 10% of 1b = 100m
UST holder allocations post-depeg = 15% of 1b = 150m
LUNA holder allocations pre-depeg = 35% of 1b = 350m
LUNA holder allocations post-depeg = 10% of 1b = 100m

Formulae: Airdrop Amount = $1000 / coin price / supply * allocation
$1000 pre-depeg LUNA gets you = $1000 / 68.11 / 342,614,982.82 * 350m = 14.9986 new LUNA
$1000 pre-depeg UST gets you = $1000 / 1 / 18,732,672,722.13 * 100m = 5.338 new LUNA
$1000 post-depeg LUNA gets you = $1000 / 0.0002045 / 6,907,109,366,623 * 100m = 70.796 new LUNA
$1000 post-depeg UST gets you = $1000 / 0.06878 / 11,278,951,456 * 150m = 193.357 new LUNA

Please advice, thanks


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I haven’t done the calculations but that doesn’t look right, pre-depeg holders will get more than post-depeg. Have seen a community member come out with a calculator - not official by any means and could also be way off! but you can check it out here: Luna Airdrop | TerRarity

the earlier iterations of the proposal had indeed mentioned 1B luna 2.0 tokens, but the current version doesn’t mention how many there will be minted.

lets assume it’s still 1B.
So that means post luna holders will get 100m tokens distributed. The issue is, how is this distributed? Is it a ratio based on how many classic luna tokens you have? Or based on how many classic luna holders there are.

yes, the ratio is a bit vague, what it will be based on ? coin supply, number of holders, or market cap ?

Luna original “TOTAL SUPPLY” before depeg was 1B. “CIRCULATING SUPPLY” was ~342M as 7th May.

Divide current total supply of 6.9T by 1B = ~6,900.

Divide your Luna post depeg holding by 6,900 to get the valuation of your Luna back dated to 7th may.
Example: 1,000,000 Luna post depeg divided by 6,900 (1,000,000÷6,900) =
144.93 pre depeg.

So depending at what price you purchased post depeg you will get 144.93 Luna2.

Assuming Luna2 is listed at 7th May’s price of ~$75, you should get 144.93 ×(~$75)

This is assuming the ratio is based on supply. And wouldnt it mean the post depeg makes easy money there? Because iat current price of $0.00017, 1m coin is only $170

I’m totally confused. I bought 248,401 LUNA tokens on Friday 13th. I had hoped that 90%+ of LUNA would be burnt and UST restored.

Now, I will get either 15 or 36 or a fraction of a single new token, of which only 30% of which I can sell?

Obviously, LUNA CLASSIC will probably fade from history after this coming Friday?

I wouldn’t be assuming the new coin will be listed at such a high price/market cap!!

Found this docs/ at terra-2.0 · terra-money/docs · GitHub

The calculation is indeed correct, post attack UST holder got the most share ratio