Cryptocom to Terra Station

Hi, Has anyone manged to transfer from cryptocom to terra station. I have tried ro transfer a small amount but 4hrs later it still shows as pending on cryptocom and nothing is showing in terra station. Thank you


I transferred mine without problem a week ago

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Hi, Thank you for replying do you recall how long it took to show on your wallet?

It was quick. Maybe 5 minutes

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I also bought on, but isn’t that a bad idea to move it to Terra Station? If you do that, then they won’t be able to know that the tokens were purchased pre-depeg, right? I honestly don’t know what to do, and I haven’t been able to find answers to any of my questions online yet.

I was able to transfer all my luna to Terra station wallet. Google it, it was not to hard when I read through it.
I was able to test it by sending 10 luna back to Crypto com. Question does anyone know if our terra station wallets will get the airdrop or do we need to move the coins again??

Funds in Terra wallets will be eligible for the drop.

So i did the first transfer at 8 22pm it finally went theough at 2.44am over 6hrs and i did a second one for the remainder of my balance at 3.56am and it completed at 4.59am just over a hour. Seems theres massive variances in timescales. I contacted cryptocom support when the first one wasnt showing and they advised although most withdrawals are within 2hrs it can take upto 24hrs. They still advised ro test a small amount lf its the first time to make sure everything is correct.
Havent tested the moving back yet will wait for the airdrop now …fingers crossed

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My current expectation is that if we move our pre-depeg tokens from to terra station, we’ll get the least amount credited on the new chain. But if we leave it on and they do not participate in the airdrop, then we get 0. I had a significant amount of Luna that I purchased pre-depeg (so at $85 / LUNA), and therefore I’d like to get the most amount credited. I’m going to leave my tokens on and hope that they do the right thing. To me, moving 400 LUNA to terra station now and then getting the 5/27 snapshot exchange rate doesn’t make sense so I’ll just take the risk. That’s my situation, at least. I don’t know how many others are in the same boat, as I haven’t seen anyone post about this same scenario. There is so much confusion and so many questions, it’s very hard to figure out what to do.

I just got message from crypto_com that they support Luna airdrop.

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Ive moved mine from crypto to terra station, i only purchased a couple of weeks ago so am post not pre and trying to figure out whats best. So do you get more for it being in cryptocom than in terra station ? Its all a minefield in my mind

Ciao .
Scusate io ho inviato stamattina a terra station i miei token luna da e poco tempo fa mi hanno detto che e fallito il transferimento!
Ho guardato su crypto Exchenge e da li non posso piu spostare i miei token luna su
Qualcuno potrebbe spiegarmi come posso fare?
Grazie mille

If purchased on a CEX like, only knows who “owns” the tokens and when they were purchased, because all LUNA in my account is really in’s custodial wallets. So once I move the coins off, who knows what will happen. For all I know, will airdrop me for pre-depeg tokens, and then I’d also get airdropped if I moved to terra station. No one really knows, I think. So since it’s such a small amount, I’m definitely better off keeping my tokens on

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