Transferred to Luna Wallet from Metamask Using Terra bridge

Hi There i did a transaction from Metamask (BSC Network) to (Luna Network)

However after paying the gas fees and the transaction showing success, none of my coins appeared.
Transaction ID 0xb6f6d86a8f9879a9c87f643768d9efc38c1da6e7

Kindly advise

You mean you have send Luna directly from wallet to exchange through the bridge?

Nope i did a transfer from Wallet to Wallet.

And when you have done it, how many hours ago?

could you provide transaction id? what you specified is the address of the tokenBridge.
i also didn’t get what happened exactly - first you said you deposited to using the bridge from bsc to terra, but then you said you did a transfer from wallet to wallet. is an exchange, to be clear.

ok my bad. I kept thinking that had both a wallet and an exchange app.
That said, i still haven’t received my coins yet oddly enough.

And if you send from wallet to exchange through the bridge, the Tokens will be lost.

well, actually i am not that familiar with, they could also have personal wallets.
if you could provide the transaction id it would be more clear.
did they ask you to specify memo when you deposit luna or ust?

I traced the transactions till it hit a null wallet.
and yes they requested a memo, but terra bridge doesn’t allow a memo.


could you provide your bsc wallet address? from the information you presented so far - it is impossible to derive anything (you gave us tokenBridge smart contract address and null address).

there is also a big warning on the bridge that says to not use bridge for cross-chain deposits to exchanges, but i guess you didn’t realize wallet was an exchange wallet


This is the metamask address i used.


is that the address you sent it to? terra1qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqvn3w04rh0ne3f7m5mrr
it seems that it could be gone unfortunately as the bridge can’t deal with cross-chain deposits to exchanges (as per the warning)

haha apparently not. ah well. thankfully it wasn’t a big sum. Thanks anyway

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