CZ buys LUNA

Let’s comment below?
What if CZ buys LUNA?
Could LUNA reach 1 dollar again?


Is that your only concern?! Common…


this will be nice but the aim of this project will shifted

I see ‘rich man buys Luna’ a lot but you need to think how the billionaires got there first; they didn’t buy failed concept projects. Also they do not owe us investors anything.

A little different idea I was having was, maybe after DK is gone we can change this into a community project, and jointly ask for endorsement by prominent people because we are survivors. Ask Elon, Vitalik, or even other large influencers to tweet about the old luna and raise funds/ ask developers to join us. The publicity could get us somewhere.


Of course these vultures only care about that, they staked millions/billions, $1 will make them bilionaires.
You should do some cleaning here, at first I was against the “ fork “ proposal but now I want the proposal to go ahead, these guys are so annoying


You are just stupid. Noone owns that much Luna. Even everyone who got rich in crypto start at a bottom. And remember that every “new” investor wasn’t fault of this increase of supply. Even they official announced to do that step. Everyone who invested when they maxed it are stupid enough to lose their money… sorry. Other who lost money on UST I feel sorry because it was supposed to be a “stable” coin. Accept your loss and move on idiot.


Luna doesn’t have to be done and over with.

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Oh, I wasn’t saying we’re done and over with. I was saying, when DK moves on with his Luna2, we should ask for some leaders of the crypto world to give their endorsement, maybe a hashtag like #supportlunaclassic or something similar, so that talented devs will join our system and more people will know of us.

I just don’t like the idea of people asking CZ or Elon to ‘buy’ Luna classic; they have little reason to bail us out for no profit as businessmen.

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The people that trusted UST as a stablecoin aren’t idiots for believing in a lie. Actually, not even a lie because it worked for a good while. Whether this has been the results of a terrible tragedy or an orchestrated scheme remains to be seen, but these people deserve to be made whole again.


yes thats all they care about

they probably have never used terra

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Ey what do you mean by “these guys are so annoying” ? You lot got greedy and invested in UST/ LUNA , staked them for 20 freakin % APY , now you lost it all. Now you are salty because new investors are getting them for cheap and pumping in money to raise the value ? An investor is an investor. People invested in Bitcoins at 50k while some are investing now at 30K. Since when is being opportunistic a crime ? Shut the f up and own up to your loss and bend your knee and pray to god that the forking doesnt go ahead. You’ll be in a wedlock with that DiK for the next 2 years without having any control of what little UST/LUNA youre gonna get if the fork happens.


So true. Thanks

Do something useful … finally wash the dishes)
Instead of looking for a place for a new yacht.
LUNAinu will never cost even 1 cent.
You made a mistake, admit it and move on. And do not show your stupidity to others by littering the feed.


not even in 50 years is possible


Don’t be rude to people just because you are smarter than them. How arrogant is that?


I been in luna / terra a year and a half and while salty over my losses and being dilluted 99.99 %, luna was still for sale and offered. People bought. Nothing against new buyers. Thanks for belief in maybe being groundfloor something awesome or ride it as a meme coin, I don’t mind whatever. Kept the floor above ZERO. Sweet I sccoped some up cheap too, as Terra chain user I know just where to put stacks of millions of LUNA for awesome returns.
Buying low, what it was on sale, ain’t buyers fault. Excuse the bitterness from many though it effin hurts losing this much. Sorry to new buyers getting into terra luna and checking out these forums that this is your entry experience. Things are a mess right now. I think yer awesome welcome.

  1. A person cannot become better if no one points out to him his mistakes.
  2. Fools have no place in this market … it only makes them poorer. But they do not want to work, but want to get rich without thinking and with minimal investment.
  3. The topic has been chewed a hundred times in all publics, including here. And clogging the tape with such nonsense is not good for the community.

That’s false. I have been putting hard work into trying to learn about finances and stocks, I’ve put a lot of work and effort into even trying to learn coding in python and c++ it is not about the effort it is about the ability and to shame someone for their genetic inheritance of intellectual ineptitude is not good. I have been working hard relative to my perspective my whole life and still live in poverty. It has nothing to do with willpower or desire, some are just slow to develop and need compassion and understanding. Unfortunately too many people think this world is easy because they have the gift, so they look down their nose on anyone not making it and say how scummy those people are. It’s very rude to treat people of lesser intellect so coldly…

This discussion does not seem to be headed in a constructive direction.

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