Good little sheep

you have all had your opportunity to make your money back. but all you do is follow the attackers misinformation campaign and narrative, similar to the “trust the plan” movement. they dont want you holding luna. now you burn your luna instead of just buying more which would equal the same outcome just would be better for you. lol. this has been an amazing experiment to witness and see HOW FCKN EASY it is to manipulate the masses. p.s. if you are fuming mad it DK, you still dont get it, keep burning you cute little humans.


I have a better idea then all this complicated crap. How about: terra Luna or some insvestor buys 1 billion worth now. Keep 100M and burn the other 900. That will pump the price to 50 Cents. Others will jump in and make it worth 1 Dollar again organically. Their 1B initial investment will be worth 10 Billion! They can hold buy one more billion in increments of 100 M make a support on the price so it won’t drop bellow 60cents. The new buyers will hold the price until it’s traded normally around 1 dollar. Investors losing can be compensate with the profits in coins, and they will be encouraged to repurchase the coin at a lower price. New investors will naturally hold, and just like Forex, the pressure will hold the price to float between 90 cents and 1.10 dollars. World, you are welcome! :sunglasses:


The attackers control social media, control the big banks, government, etc. Would not be surprised if the plans for the attack were hatched in the City of London, DC, and/or NYC.

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They are going to fork LUNA. LUNA CLASSIC needs a burn (ie tax on transactions) to be able to reduce the number of coins available. The powers that be want to take the network, the dApps, and development, and leave the debt here.