Everything is going wrong 😥

My English is not good but still i will write
I brought luna when it was less then $1 by using my room rent. That was my biggest mistake :disappointed_relieved:

Before aleep , every night just hoping that luna will pump up tomorrow and i will get it back. And every morning just waking up and seeing binance ang getting sad​:disappointed_relieved::pensive:
Every day landlord asking for rent :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:… every time …telling i will give tomorrow…

If it go to $1 i will not be a millionaire or billionaire… i will just get enough money to overcome my financial condition. But if fork then i will not get my money back and may be homeless also😥 bcz without rent my landlord will not allow me to stay here.

Just hoping to pump up soon…


I’m sorry you are in this situation. But the sooner you accept the facts the sooner you can move on…

It is impossible that $LUNA will be $1 with a market cap of 6.9 trillion…

You should start planning for a plan B immediately instead of wasting time hoping for a pump.


You have my sympathies, Alpha20.

But, please don’t take this wrong, but I would say it wasn’t a great idea to ‘invest’ such crucial money into a highly volatile asset. Also as MagicalTux is saying, there is no chance of Luna hitting $1 in the foreseeable future, even if we implement burn right away.

Stay safe.


What a sad friend. As the previous comments have said, it is impossible for Luna Classic to achieve 1 us to materialize. But eye can get close. the coin is at its sweet spot of popularity and has moved a lot of money. (obviously diluted in the 6 billion). In a burn, investors will come like ants to honey.


$0.01 is also not possible


and buying at $1 you will receive nearly nothing from airdrop


They need to reconsider it because we deserve as much as people who bought before 7th May or after 13 may when there are trillions of tokens.

Everyone seems to get something but we are not.

There should be a snapshot before the last halt.


Bullshi* how for you can be same ,someone pay 1usd for 1 someone pay like 0.05-0.1
same with luna … please stop crying and writing this because all of you know perfectly if this dont stand up you loose all and now talking liek aaa we don get anything this 10% its still something (+chance) for =highervaluesomethingin future .
If you have some normal argument ok but some mod should take care here :slight_smile:
All of them are humans ? or botspamers

Even if you stay on the street, it’s not the end of life.
You will receive an expensive lesson that you will remember for a lifetime.
I, too, suffered because of LUNA and even more because of the bear market.
It’s not at all what I expected this year. But in this market, survival of the fittest. If someone earns, then someone loses.
You got involved in an unfair game with big wallets.
You need to draw the right conclusions and move on, no matter how painful it is.

And never break the basic rules of the game. One of which is “do not invest more than you are willing to lose, and even more so in debt.”

There is a war going on in my country. I don’t have the opportunity to earn as before, and the crypto market is in complete ass. But my family and I are alive and that’s the main thing.
And we can handle the rest) probably …
Remember that it can always get worse, no matter how bad it gets.

Lot of people hoping for .004

People who purchased Luna on May 12th and 13th have up to 3 orders of magnitude lower circulating supply and therefore should not be grouped into the category with 6.5 trillion marketcap. Otherwise they get recked.

This amendment

is needed.

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We are in same boat… The snapshot must be taken on 12 May!! Luna $1 was still saveable!

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