Dear LUNC Community... CZ Binance

Don’t speak for the entire community without actually receiving a majority vote.
What would your Dear Leader Chang Zao say about it?

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The lunc family must unite in one mind for the future of the network, and as a decentralized community we must “make a decision” without discord and agony, cold-blooded, the leader of the crypto space CZ has connections, business management experience top crypto exchange Binance, these are partner companies and TOP Developers, if we during the month discussion we will not solve this issue, our coin level is not L1.
if he becomes the CEO of Lunc, we must accept his conditions if there are such, for example: if CZ becomes even the leading consultant of our network or the CEO in general, it is good in any case for the network, lunc network, this is capital that must be in the right hands, and with a cold mind.
After discussions on forums, etc., you need to put the vote in the network ~1.05
…this is not a whim, (1) the community’s assessment of voting efficiency and, in general, common sense. If we do not manage with such a vote, then the project will continue as “leaves on the water along the stream”, this is my subjective vision.
(2) after voting on the network for CEO CZ (Binance), to contact him with a proposal from the community to become the leader of our network…then we will find out his opinion about this proposal.
(3) we will test how united we are in the goal of our network, decentralization as a whole. This is a way out of situations that have accumulated, this is also an assessment of our community effectiveness.

**1.) TGF applied for $5 million support. **

2.) The dev team is in contact with Binance. We cannot say support us without producing something in terms of demand and response. (TGF requested funds)

3.) LUNC is not a chain they would want to cooperate with due to its history.

4.) They are helping to save. maybe we can ask for support about the developer team and some expenses.

5.) they can assist in selecting more dev teams or dev team members.(eg Layer 2 team support)

I don’t think it’s such a useless topic. the community can discuss, think and educate about it