Dear LUNC Community... CZ Binance

This is a proposal to the Terra Classic Community asking for us to partner with Binance and CZ with reasons why

My main motivation for this proposal is that I no longer want to see the Terra Classic chain moving aimlessly

Dear Terra Luna Classic Community Members,

As a member of the community, I have witnessed the difficulties we are currently experiencing with the LUNC chain. We’ve struggled to attract developers, expand the utility of the LUNC token, and deal with ongoing community conflicts. To address these issues, I propose that we collaborate with CZ Binance.

In the cryptocurrency space, it will encourage those who are skeptical of the chain to reconsider Terra Classic, as well as attract more investors and traders.

Another advantage of partnering with CZ Binance is that, as an authority figure, he can lead the chain, provide clarity and direction for the chain, and assist us in returning to our former glory.

He can also assist us in bringing peace and stability to our community, which is critical for long-term success.

Overall, I believe that collaborating with CZ Binance could help us address some of the issues we are currently experiencing with the Terra Classic chain. Let us come together as a community to explore this possibility and work toward a prosperous future for the Terra Classic chain.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Joash


Do you propose to invite CZ as the main developer? What is specifically offered? Is CZ aware of this proposal at all?

This IS a DECENTRALISED blockchain with a DECENTRALISED community.

I hope that is understandable.

CZ is definitely a community member as much as we are here. Which means that he has to stay true to the purpose of a community.

There are many many centralised coins that CZ can work with. There is an unlimited number of coins that he can make himself with the money that he has currently. CZ can make another Luna. But he does not want to do that. No one wants to do that.

Because that would mean stalling ORGANIC development on the chain. Right now, if we have SEC telling us how to implement a blockchain, then we might as well go and register ourselves as a company with shareholders. It would not make a difference either ways.

CZ is currently the bridge between the centralized and the decentralised banking worlds. Let’s keep it that way. This will be MORE beneficial to developers on the chain as well as CZ himself.

I agree with this proposal, to have Binance and CZ more involved with the projects and the re-building of this ecosystem.
There are several ways to make it so, as offering him to take position as a validator with special extraordinary powers. But we can work around the idea to allow Binance to have a stronger position within this blockchain and community in many other different ways.
Binance is litterally throwing away $ millions to reduce a total supply which will take years to be seriously reduced. Wouldn’t it be better to have those money invested in a different way? I wonder, and we should all wonder together.

The actual conditions of the chain are miserable, as much as miserable are all those who are trying to take advantage from this so called “decentralised” blockachain. The show that people are giving here on Agora, on Twitter, Discord, etc, is so pitful. Look at all these guys hiding behind avatars, fake profiles, insulting each others, creating this awful competion just to get CP funds; look at the TERRA scandal, just the last one of the many which occured within this community. This community is full of thieves and corrupted people. It’s time to say ENOUGH.
Fu*k this myth of the decentralized blockchain: as it is right now, it’s not working at all.
Be ware of those who will suddenly discard this proposal: they have their own interests to keep things in the state as they are right now, because as long as a strong leader is missing, wolves will be free to frolic and bite.

Absoulete YES from me.


What exactly do you offer? For CZ to become a Terra validator? Why is it for him? By the way, did anyone ask him? And you propose to invest the money that binance burns, invest in something else. Where do you get so smart? Definitely, democracy has its downsides.


VC. I think. Agree.

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Lol, of course nobody asked him. Moon boys and girls moved from twitter to Agora


Lol what? What’s your problem? Of course nobody has asked him yet.

First we discuss about it, we try to understand which kind of offer we could advance to him.
Then we formally ask him to evaluate what the Community has established, if we can establish anything reasonable.


Do you really think he has time to lead this chain? :rofl:


Do you know why he’s messing with us? With Terra, he is losing money. This is tantamount to a loss. Has anyone wondered why he does this? And you want to invite him to become a validator. Does he need these hemorrhoids?

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This is a proposal to the COMMUNITY not CZ first we discuss then ask CZ

Who exactly will ask? We don’t have a leader.

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We as a community will ask

CZ has his own chain to deal with … why would he embrace another (and rather problematic) one?!?


I would suggest to amend this proposal to ask Biden too to make LUNC the official currency of US. :slight_smile:
Leaving the jokes aside, this is not a bad idea but first there should be some discussions with CZ and if he agrees then there should be a proposal to ask the community if agrees.


The idea is certainly a good one, but СZ probably has enough of its own troubles. You should have asked him first.

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You can do it on Twitter. But he is unlikely to answer.

Share my post on Twitter

If we all repost, maybe he will answer

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He has quite a lot of interests to have a strong Lunc. More than anyone else. He respects the idea of decentralized communities, as he stated several times, and that’s why he has never over-imposed Binance upon us, even if he could have done it with ease.
Somehow he has already had a very important role, through the monthly burns Binance makes. Community has already agreed to whitelist some of their wallets. We should now find a proper way to give Binance an official position inside this Community (through a node, through some others new formulas?..).
If not Binance, then whom? I really look around and all I see is a bunch of trolls, sects, people who abuse of the knowledge they have to pauperize che CP. I’m really interested to read some other names rather then CZ and Binance, and if you have some, please I’m listening.

I think we can all agree that the actual conditions of our Community are really miserable. As an investor I’m seriously concerned about this. Should I retire my investment? If you say “I don’t mind of your investment” you are saying you don’t mind of this Community and this blochain. Everytime an investor liquidates his own investment we are making the chain weaker, and right now we have so many red flags according to which investors should retire their investments (low CP, OP abandoned to its destiny, total lack of vision and leadership, scandals over scandals, etc.). Tell me last time we had some good news followed by facts, after September 2022.

We need of a strong leadership, and I’m really sorry to say that those who have tried, they failed. And about those who are aiming to replace the previous onces we had… oh boy! :pensive:

Great idea. I think we should all spam him. I know spamming is the best marketing tool ever invented. I wonder why all companies are bot doing so :))))

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