Luna Classic to be leaded by cz and binance!

i will tell you what will happen if the proposal of fork happen, the new terra will fail trust me even with 1 billion supply because all will dumpp it to market and no one will buy it because no one will support it do you know why because of Do Kwon management.

So then the community of luna classic will invite cz & binance to join us because the power is the community. - example steem vs hive. (hive success because of the community).

look at shiba & doge they have strong community this is why are in top 100 now.

so the same if luna classic have strong community will be in top 100 and terra 2.0 not :slight_smile:

so let them go out and let the luna classic takeover by cz_binance.


if the fork is approved, I will put a new ceo to a vote for lunc management and the burning of lunc and corrections, proposed through Dao.


Why can’t $LUNA be managed by US. The owners?


It would be nice if CZ takes over but I doubt he will. I didn’t read anything from him that he is interested in this. Maybe Vitalik ?


exactly what i was thinking LUNC it will be reffered at ETC

Change the CEO of Terra

For what we can see,

after one week of complete damage on the UST and LUNA,

the trust in the leadership is totaly lost :

(non exaustive resume)

    • dissolution of the company whithout information
    • crash of UST and LUNA the day after
    • no response to stop those crashes (even if Binance proposed emergency solutions)
    • pretention to have spend Billions to save the UST and LUNA without any proof, (apart that it failled totaly)
    • creation of enormous amount of LUNA coins, extremly quickly, and without information or consultation first
    • no respect of the wishes of the community to propose solutions to save UST and LUNA
    • false vote of the « solution » prepared by DK to make a fork (V2) which is not at all considered as a solution by nearly everybody in the crypto industry
    • All the lawers have abandonned the staff, the corean authoritys are making an enquest about him, and it appears that DK has yet made a stablecoin years ago which was yet a big fail …
    • We wait to see if this man is responsable of this crash, and where passed the 80 000 BTC supposed to save the UST.

Meanwhile, it seems very important to change the gouvernance of UST, LUNA , TERRA,

to save the blockchain and the assets of millions of inversors…

The community seems very competent and creative to find solutions and impulse them…

The community have to take the leadership and through away mister DK.

This is a proposal and little resume for now, my little contribution, just to think about (I don’t know more).

Thanks to this beautifull community…

Support this proposal

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