Make a decision already!

Seriously, how much longer are they going to take? The longer you wait the harder it gets to burn and recover.
You could’ve used the current high volume to your advantage and burn % of luna on every transaction


Have to let the buyers pile in first before restarting the printer again. Lots of new juice to squeeze until 0 before the fork.

They even did not make any decision lol
If they make decision based on what they proposed I hope they give back 50% to the people who held luna during all of this mess, it’s after or later pegg situation

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I think they will take priority to find the solution for prevent the issue first.

All thats left is voting


Could not agree more. Time is money!

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  • 100 , they play time to see if give up.

It is a mess there

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

DAO and the whole idea of decentralisation looks good on paper and helps to draw everyone in by portraying crypto as something “free” from govt control.

But when shit hits the fan, as you can see now - disorganisation, inactions, indecisions and just a whole lot of noise with ppl only trying to save their own bags.

A good leader right now should be selfless and only think about the good of the ecosystem and its future, he or she should understand the pros and cons of decisions to make and also know that nothing is 100% (so there will be ppl abandoned), especially when a crisis (like this) is of epic proportion.

He or she should execute it without fear of repercussion, as long as he or she is extremely confident this is for the good of the ecosystem in the long run.

Sadly, I don’t see any leadership here, not even from their posterboy Do or anybody from the lfg.

Cowering n trying to look for a golden parachute or brainstorming? Nobody knows, but the doubts lingering around are definitely not a good sign.

$LUNA is a headless, dying chicken rn and confidence in it erodes faster as the days go by.

Probably 2 days ago I’d tell u there is hope, now… Probably the geniuses can come up with something, but it won’t be enough due to the 7 days delay (for each proposal to pass) short of a few white knights coming in to bail this project out.

Regardless, good luck to everyone. I hope you find peace regardless of the decisions n actions taken.

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There has been absolutely nothing from Do Kwon and Terraform Labs for over 24 hours. Their largest crisis, and as far as I can tell, they quit. The longer the silence, the more misinformation and wacko theories emerge.

The chatter to grab pitchforks is growing by the minute, and a mob will end up forming. Obviously, everything is going to plan.

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Keep dreaming. There will be no fork.

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Where is the voting being held?

We need to discuss in this forum and come up with complete and final proposal to the developer. Are you ready?

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I see you have some leadership skills. Why not you come out and lead us? We truly need a leader here. I try to build up some proposal myself but no one give a response. :person_facepalming: