Delegated with USTC BUYBACK but now gone

Would appreciate if someone can explain to me why I have not yet received my LUNA2 in my wallet after my undelegation with USTC BUYBACK. It is now almost 1 month ago since. Thanks for the help.

Hello, so you are talking about LUNA or LUNC? You can post tx hash so we can check when you undelegated and when you should receive your funds back. Othervise i can´t help you.

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Hi, glad someone replied to my question. Anyway, i was talking about LUNA V2 not the classic. Would appreciate if how many days should i wait before i get my LUNA V2 tokens as i said it was already a month ago. Here is the tx hash: 8E51C307752D4D6F7C23D7524727088B1B8FCD0ACFEDAA06516AD79598FFCA8C

many thanks btw.

I checked your problem and it looks like a bug. But this is Terra Classic forum and i am not even Terra Rebel member or anything. So you should ask on, TFL´s may help you. I really can do anything about your problem. Don´t forget to post hash etc.

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