[Discussion] Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan = Do Kwon Bailout Plan

I’m posting this title because I think the man himself needs to see it. Mr. Kwon Do, you need to see this and then look yourself in the mirror and ask himself what kind of a man you want to be.

Please do not be wedded to the idea of an “attack” that has ruined a sound project. It must be very tempting for you to think this. But the reality is different. If you proceed down this path, everyone will hate you forever.

The supposed “attacker” didn’t break any rules of the game! He bought and withdrew some stablecoins on Curve. He withdrew some of his own money from Anchor. Perhaps the attacker organized the DDoSing of the protocol’s with failed transactions, but even that is unproven. As far as we know he didn’t even hack the Terra protocol itself. A little bit of market manipulation was enough to send this whole system into its now famous death spiral.

Mr. Kwon, if you had asked the validators to halt the chain earlier, they probably would have listened to you as its founder. This community would have more options. This last failure is a mistake that is preserved in the blockchain as a historic six-order-of-magnitude decline in a Top 10 crypto token.

Now that the chain has been halted, you have won us a great reprieve and the opportunity to make some good decisions.

But you have proposed to fork from a snapshot “before the attack”? Before your failure was complete?

No, Mr. Kwon. It is too late for that. The accountants will not allow you to rewind time! Your failure has been validated by the blockchain. The blockchain has validated that billions of dollars are lost or at jeopardy. The blockchain has validated that thousands, tens of thousands of people are ruined, and that thousands or tens of thousands more will be ruined if the protocol is not saved.

And the only fair starting point is the last block.

And yet your leadership is still an asset for the protocol, one we desperately need. Do not take this away from us too.

We know that you stand at a great crossroads of economic history. We can see that you are running out of ideas. It’s OKAY - it requires STRENGTH - to admit that you need help, Mr. Kwon.

Please listen to the people who are trying to help you and who believe just as fervently in the necessity of your project to succeed.