For those the had LUNA (Portal) at the time of Airdrop

I had LUNA(Portal) in trust wallet at the time of the snapshot

I have been told the team intends to airdrop to those which had wrapped LUNA although the date is not confirmed yet.

What I am wondering is will the Wrapped LUNA airdrop for 2.0 go to the wallet address during the time of the snapshot? As after the snapshot I bridged over to terrastation but it was too late :frowning: Should I bridge back to receive the airdrop? or will it go to the initial wallet during snapshot.

Best wishes and any help is much appreciated.
Thank you very much

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You will get it where you hold it at the time of snapshot

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Thanks so much for this, and is there any suggestion on when this is happening? I have heard it as the plan but no date announced currently.

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There’s no date announced yet.

I held Luna Portal on Trust Wallet and didn’t have it in Terra Station. Will I get an Airdrop on TW?


Where you held your Luna during pre and post attack snapshot, in trustwallet under Terra network?

I am also an owner of LUNA (Portal) in my Trust Wallet. But have not received anything or information.
I seriously hope I will get some (new) LUNA. :frowning:

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Any updates on when this is happening yet?

yes thats right

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if it’s portal Luna, it’s not Terra network. Must be ETH/BSC/AVAX.

I have asked the team for a bit of a timeline and am waiting for an answer. It will take time because all the Terra airdrops must be sorted out first. There are some that have not been accounted for, so these ones will take a slice of the community pool fund, and then a proposal can go up for wrapped tokens to also receive some form of airdrop from the community pool as well.

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Well I hope I get something back otherwise I am totallly s… by Terra. :hot_face: :rage: :triumph:

So is there no plan currently in place to give to portal luna holders? just a proposal to do so. Because the documentation was not clear, and much false information out there on the internet about this airdrop if it doesnt get to the portal LUNA holders it will make the community more upset as many people have held here in trustwallet expecting the airdrop