This is FRAUD



I’ve seen this mentioned a few times now and I think some clarification on what happened would be really useful for people.

A vote can be moved at any time right? “I change my mind from No with Veto to Yes”.


Logically why would anyone go from a harsh ‘no with veto’ to a ‘yes’. Think about it.


fraudster is what else is around here. scary how many bad intentioned people gathered in the same place.

You guys need to understand what is happening here. A validator initially pushed everything into No with veto.

The people who staked with those validators can override their staked luna and do a revote from a no with veto to a yes.


An interesting fact… despite the proposal being 86% pro fork… when you click on the validators who voted YES, they are not very representative percentage of voting power.

It means that the biggest validators haven’t voted yet (112)… that is… it seems to me …to be an inflection decision make? or they are negotiating ?.. there is something wrong…
112 still haven’t voted…

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Votes are on chain and it seems like most people really have only a limited idea how crypto and governance work.

What is happening is the large majority of luna holders of 6.5 Trillion coins have been blocked from staking and voting… thats the real problem… This whole vote is a farce 376.71M total staked and staking locked with 6.5 TRILLION Luna in circulation


Adam insanların parasını çaldı dolandırıcılık olmuyor.oylar değişti dolandırıcı.
Bu kadar enayi olduktan sonra daha çok dolandırılırsınız.
Bireysel olarak do kwona dava açın ozaman sizin ülkenize giriş yaparsa başı belaya girsin

hey, you can read the explanation of how voting works here How did the vote start with 11 MILLION votes? - #4 by alagiz

it is not FRAUD, it is you not understanding how governance works on Terra.

People can change their vote.

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By people mean LFG moving their millions of staked LUNA around that they staked right before locking gov staking for “security?”