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Hi All,

I am new to crypto. I bought some coins on Binance after the drop of luna coins I.e 16 May, 2022.

  • I am eligible to get New Luna coins in the airdrop? If yes, Where will this airdrop conducted?
  • What are the steps to availing an airdrop?
  • What will happen to the coins I bought?
  • If i am getting compensation, how can i avail the airdrop? Will Binance wallet add the airdrop?
  • Is there a fixed time to avail the airdrop? like we see in flash sales on E-Commerce?

I am new to crypto and a little help will be really helpful.

(Sorry for the bad English)


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  • We don’t know. Do Kwon once said that he will airdrop to exchanges. But it’s not possible if Binance doesn’t support Luna2, obviously.
  • It differs from Airdrop to Airdrop. If you want to just get an idea what airdrops are and how to claim them generally, this subreddit will give you a good idea what they are: CosmosAirdrops ( you can read the pinned posts.
  • Nothing, they will be fine but Binance can de-list them. You can usually still transfer them after de-list though.
  • Airdrops are not compensation or reimbursement. If you google airdrop, or read through airdrop communities like the CosmosAirdrops I mentioned, airdrops are more of a promotion to onboard investors rather than payment. Thus it can be worth a lot if the project goes well but most airdrops end up being pennies. Whether you can receive the airdrop on Binance or not is up to Binance, you should ask them.
  • Probably yes, most airdrops have a claiming window. Usually months, but anything from a few weeks to a year.

Thank you for sharing the information and clearing my doubts.

I am still unsure. about the eligibility since I read somewhere that whoever bought the luna coins after 12 May is not eligible for a new airdrop. Is that true?

In the recovery plan 2 thread, Do Kwon mentioned that they will be giving New Luna coins to the Old Luna coin holders.

Sorry for making this hard for you. And I really appreciate your efforts in clarifying my doubts.

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No, that’s totally fine. Not much trouble at all.
But it’s not true: read this post by Do Kwon:

Token Distribution

  • Post-attack LUNA holders: 10%
    • Staking derivatives included
    • 30% unlocked at genesis; 70% vested over 2 years thereafter with 6 month cliff

So it’s not true that luna coins after 12 May are ineligible.
Hope that helps.

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There are two snapshots, one on the 7th of May, which is weighted heavier (“old” holders get more of an airdrop), and then one on the 27th, which you will qualify for. It is just a much smaller drop because the investment needed to get a lot of Luna is much lower now.

i bridge osmo luna to tera but not received yet its more than 1 day ago now
Please help

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Osmosis/Terra relayers have been down all week. You will need to wait until they are re-enabled for your transaction to either go through or refund to Osmosis.

Thank you.
Please correct me if i am wrong.

  • I need to hold till I get this confirmation if Binance will be supporting Luna2 or not.
  • The Airdrop will begin here on the discussion website.
  • Incase Binance doesn’t support Luna2 then i need to move my coins to Terra Wallet. And I can Claim my airdrop there. (Coz Terra Wallet must be supporting Luna2)
  • The place (Website) where the Airdrop will begin There will be instructions on how to claim along with other necessary information.
  • If Binance supports Luna 2 then I just need to follow the instructions and claim the tokens.

I know you also are not aware of some questions. But there is a chance that you must have faced this kind of confusion.

Thank you for the guidance. This means ALOT


Np, usually airdrops aren’t this messy, this is a very rushed procedure. Luckily I’ve been ‘getting’ airdrops since last year on the Cosmos chain so I’m used to this situation.

  • The snapshot will happen on 27th, so that’s the time you will need to be holding. If Binance supports Luna2, you probably don’t need to do anything but keep your coins on Binance on 27th. However it’s still advisable to keep your cryptocurrency in non-custodial wallets (like Terrastation); not your keys, not your crypto. Whether Binance supports it or not you can get the airdrop if you keep it on Terrastation. It’s really not that hard actually…
  • The Airdrop will be announced here for sure. But as this is a forum I imagine we won’t be getting anything here. I think it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw everything on Terra - powering the innovation of money, Terra/Luna chain’s main website.
  • Yes, for sure. Even if not, the claim window certainly will not be a day or two so you will see lots of information here.
  • There may not be anything necessary if Binance supports Luna 2. Chances are they’ll just give it to you. My main exchange, Upbit, promised that they would do this to the holders.

Hope this helps!!

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So that means, if Binance supports Luna2 then the airdrop will automatically be created into my Binance wallet?

And if it doesn’t then I can transfer my luna coins to Terra Wallet before 27 May and the Luna2 Airdrop will be automatically credited there. Is that correct?

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Yes if Binance supports it. But there’s a chance they won’t which is why it’s better for you to move your Luna to Terra station. We don’t know if Binance will announce whether they’ll support Luna2 before 5.27 or not though. They probably will but even if they don’t you can’t blame them for anything. That’s why people are repeatedly advising you to move Luna to Terra station rather than leave them on Binance.

If Binance does not support Luna2 airdrop, you might need to click some buttons on the website after keeping your Luna on-chain (away from Binance). But it’s not going to be any harder than writing posts on agora that’s for sure.


One last help. Could you please guide or share something that I can follow to transfer my coins to Terra Station? I googled something and found nothing. I know its too much but any help will be really appreciated. :slight_smile: Thank you again.

Here is something I wrote in reply to someone else.
It’s simple, really. Good luck with your investment.

Step by step: Connect to Terra and receive New Moon - General - Terra Research Forum

Hey Bro,

Thank you a lot.
I have a question. I held Luna coins on my Binance wallet at the time of Snapshot. Now, whenever I check I see the number of coins but not their values. to give you a context, Let’s say I bought coins with [y] money. When I used to check my wallet there was a value [y] to my coins. now I can only see the number of coins and not their value in currency. Is that normal?