General view on the development of the token

  1. Of course it’s burning. I would recommend increasing the burn to about 1%. It would also be desirable to increase gas fees by 100-200%.
  2. The public pool needs to be fully converted to staking. And the income from staking will be able to finance any necessary expenses and development.
  3. It’s time to introduce the LUNC token into real life: how to use the token as an in-game currency in the gaming industry, in online casinos,use LUNC in the banking system - cards, deposits, transfers.
    These three points will allow the LUNC token to actively develop and increase its usefulness and capitalization.These are the minimum necessary actions for the development of LUNC.
    Perhaps you have additional suggestions to increase the utility and value of the LUNK token?
    Write here what other improvements to the token need to be made for its development and distribution.
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