Want to increase utility?

If you want to increase the utility and volume of burning LUNС, then pay attention to the dollar fiat currency.With dollars you can buy anything you want. With dollars you can buy stocks and commodities on the stock exchanges.Loans are issued in dollars.Debit and credit cards use dollars.And in all these examples there will be a lot of burnt LUNС.
This is the future of the LUNС token.And this is a great future.Strive for it, bring it closer.

It’s about a path to value too!

LUNC should become a replacement for fiat currencies.
It is necessary to strive to ensure that LUNC is used throughout the world in any trading operations.

God, wouldnt that be grand. One currency to cinnect the all.

Lunac could run any market, at any location, at any time. it’s true ! I would think that.there would be a contract for lunac in s proffesional market out there somewhere. Just gotta find the need.

How about, an external money payment system run by delegatiors. Might be interesting staking.

Long term.holdrs get some value too, if the chain stays secured indefinitely.

I think deflationary chains.will always have some inherent value.