Good bye Luna 🌘

Dear Lunatics.

I am not good at English. Please understand that there may be difficulties in context because we are using Google Translator.
(I hope this community has a translation function. People who don’t speak English can’t even make suggestions.)

I’m just one investor who once loved and supported Luna.

I think everyone would feel the same way as me and some people would have invested Luna for economic gain.

(This is my personal opinion.)
Although Luna’s project failed, Dokwon’s attempt at stable coin was great as a resistance to the existing dollar and I applaud it.


It’s no different than the bank run and we’ve lost once again. We must never forget this incident.

As long as there are dollars, I think true decentralization is difficult.

#1164 Proposal Do you think this was the right choice?

I saw this and I felt once again the absence of decentralization, and I felt that we were not one mind. Even if it’s the same Lunatic, it has a different meaning. And so far, we’ve had the wrong president

I know it’s hard for everyone, but I hope you don’t leave the blockchain scene due to this incident.

Our cyberpunk movement will continue, and we are revolutionaries trying to change the world.

I’m sure this is the message that Satoshi Nakamoto sent to us.

We can do it.

#cyberpunks2022 #goodbyeLuna