How do we get new leadership in place for LUNAC

I don’t see Do Kown changing his mind and believe all the big players are already in agreement with him to push forward this fork, otherwise he would have already changed his mind. So…

Plan B to save LUNA now LUNAC (unless we change name), is to have new leadership and dev team to fix and build it up. I would keep the doors open with Do Kwon at least in the beginning as who knows Luna better and I still believe he would still want her to succeed. Also involving CZ in a hopefully substancial role, as well as other leaders in Crypto and beyond.

Make no mistake decentralized LUNAC & UST is the goal, even with outside crypto financing.

While I like the idea of community run projects I don’t think LUNA can benifit from that, ETC has limited success and it’s taken 6 years. Instead it needs to be a hybrid solution involving the community, but we also need a leader, one that WILL listen to the community, and act in their best interests. Someone who will build the ecosystem up which will include at least 2 assets including LUNAC & UST. Build it for it’s intended use (removing the LUNA<>UST algorithmic protocols in exchange for a better solution). build it for the future of NFT’s, gaming, and the Metaverse. Using a stablecoin in tandem will strengthen LUNAC, to be a leader in this new world.

What are the steps necessary to start such a leadership bid? I think my plan of action (see summary below), can work and be as successful if not more than even the new LUNA.


A new CEO is needed now. I think I am the most suitable candidate. I am married, I have a child. I’m doing my doctorate. Thesis location is METAVERSE. I can best represent the Terra community anywhere. Support me :hugs:.


yeaahh new luna need new CEO

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It is fascinating how delusional people are.

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That is just the kind of question that will result in nothing. And if you need to ask it—I’m not trying to be mean to you here, but people with leadereship qualities do not need to ask that type of question.

Leaders do not arise from chit-chat on a forum. Leaders go out, get things done, and impress people so much that those people follow them. In this context, leadership requires a combination of design vision, ability to write code, interpersonal communication skills, and high motivation. Those who have these things do not ask, “Would you please make me the leader, please?”

If, for example, a coder with multi-millions of crash-buy LUNA who posted way too much here suddenly drops almost out of sight for awhile, then he could be busy… maybe. Probably nothing.


Oh I think you’re underestimating my asking that here and what it can accomplish. I know that this is just a forum. I am also doing a lot more behind the scenes as well.

I also know I need lots of community support and voting power, which this forum IS full of. I also know the importance of networking with people willing to back up such a move, who have a lot of voting powers combined, so this forum is aiding in that.

If there was more time I would be much more tactful, but unfortunently with the vote tomorrow and just over a week before the fork, I don’t have the time to waste. I really didn’t want to post that and I do understand your point, but time is also not on our side.


Stop saying luna classic. In a way you want people to accept that. Close this topic. No fork.

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maybe CZ is best choice.

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I completely agree. If Kwon wants to push forward with his (legally dodgy) network fork then it will be up to the remaining 90% of the community to restore Luna and subsequently UST.

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