How to transfer TerraStation USTC/LUNAC assets to a Coinbase wallet

I would like to transfer some USTC or LUNAC from TerraStation to a coinbase wallet.

It appears that Wormhole, in, is disabled for TerraStation to ->Etherium (coinbase wallet) transfers. (Fyi Shuttle however does work for coinbase to terra wallets, but not the other way around). Is there a recomended way to bridge?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, could you use different wallet on coinbase? Means on Luna Classic blockchain? This should solve your problem. You bridged your LUNC and USTC from ERC20 to TerraC and now use different wallet provided by coinbase on TerraC blockchain. If they don´t support this deposites, use different CEX.

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Thanks. I found the exchange accepts terra address for LUNAC. I can send coins there and swap to tether or usdc.