I was holding on binance and anchor $ust

hello all , i was staking on binance and anchor , i tried to support at 0.95 $with usdt , and i was staking 2- 3 k $ust on anchor , and binance daily earning ust $ and locked ust $ , what will happen to my all investment ? around 10k ?? :frowning:

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If you did not sell you probably get something in return!

i didnt sell them , i m still holding…

I have the exact same question

Please someone help me, I have the same problem, I had 38 ANC that I buy in March in binance. After the crash I sell all, with a loss of more than 90% . It doesn’t look too much, but for me it is a important Money that will help me if I could recovery this loss. Someone can please tell me if I have any chance of recovering it?

luna airdrop is over, you should buy lows on UST (not financial advice.)