Instructions (Proposal)

Greetings Do (and Devs/Community):

First I’d just like to say thank you, to all of you, who have remained calm and level headed during this difficult time. I offer all of you my personal assurance that I know full well the pain that many of you have felt, and may still be enduring, relating to specific losses. Please know that the emotions will subside, the pain will pass, and you will be alright, even stronger in the end.

Solutions cannot be driven by emotion, and no solution fulfilled by capitulation and concession will ever be acceptable.

I understand how this failure pains you, i understand how you feel responsible; that said, you have a duty to the community, as well as to yourself, to not cut and run. Its rather clear that you have taken a position of a backseater, stressing the importance of the community to lead they way and reach consensus. Do, this is your project, your invention; and while the community is a valuable resource, the collective pales in comparison to you, your intellect, wisdom, knowledge, and heart.

Obviously the project has failed; however cutting and running is not the answer. Take the weekend to collect your thoughts, then pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and get back in the fight. We all take our punches and kicks in the game of life; however what defines us is what we learn from those failures, and apply to our lives in the future.

Think back on your life to date; think of all the good times, think of the the bad times, the hardships and suffering. This may be a difficult pill to swallow, but the difficult times in our lives are what allow us to grow the most. Overcoming those challenges is what defines us, and its what we do, and the actions that we take during those very critical junctions in life, that allow us to advance on to the levels beyond.

The project broke under a jewish attack. This is not the first or last time the jews have collectively attacked the crypto or commodities market, and its no where near the first time the jews have manipulated the stock market or started a war, created a national disaster, bio-hoax, or false flag in order to disrupt the markets, knocking out the little guy, and eating the gains.

You know full well what went wrong, you know full well what broke, and you most certainly have both the intellectual capacity, knowledge, passion, and heart, to correct the problem. So do just that. Take the lead, shore up the hull, plug the leaks, burn the excess, and restart the chain. You were tested, many other projects before this one were tested as well. Patch the holes and come back stronger then ever.

I understand that you feel that the project has failed, the name is tarnished, the community has lost faith, and so on; I personally assure you that this is not the case. As with every project, value is assessed based on use case and perceived value. For one to fail, refuse to quit, and rebuild stronger, ensuring that the weak walls have been shored up, and penetration along that specific angle is no longer possible, those specific elements are what will create value. The community will accept what we learned from these failures, we will rebuild stronger and with a determination, and that very element is what will define this project, and ensure its future success.

If i can leave you with one final piece of advice: Consider the greater good, and do not allow the personal embarrassment of failure, or the hundreds of others who are crying on this forum with their greedy and selfish wishes, to influence you in any way. There is a extremely bright future for both you Do, as well as the project; and I encourage you with all my heart to see both through to fruition.


Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming