Is it only me that see unknown token pairs on Terraswap?

This can be a temporary issue or test, but I have seen several unknown token pairs shown on Terraswap.
Few examples: GRT (the graph?), GRYT, TTK (Test Token…really?), MIAW, TOKO (even there are 2 of them with different addresses), GOAT, ART, etc.)

If this is a sort of swapping function test, then the test shall be done on the testnet, not on the mainnet.
Or if this is a planned action to expose them on Terraswap, then proper introduction should be made on any channel (I believe the twitter one is the most active SNS account of terraswap…)

Is there anyone else who also notices this issue and who can explain why this is happening?

I see these as well - confused the crap out of me. Figured someone is doing testing and forgot to clean up their mess.

There are close to 10x TOKOs, but my personal favourites are HOHO, HEHE, and SYMBOL

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I think the swap proposal did not go through any governance proposal by seeing the governance proposal on Terra station…and I cannot understand how this was possible. TerraSwap is a great tool in Terra eco system, but we need to admit that it is a bit outdated and contains several critical issues like impermanent loss, unregulated introduction of liquidity pairs. @terraformlabs or @dokwon may be able to handle this. I can see the terraswap is operated by Delight Labs, which is a different entity from TerraForm Labs, and a lack of communication between those parties can be a reason for this.