Terra UST Holders in Coinbase and Airdrop Risks

I hold Terra UST in my Coinbase wallet since before the attack. I didn’t touch or move them from there. I’m reading about transfer mechanisms using conversions to transition coins such as AVAX, SOL, etc. to other networks and wallets.

Before I proceed I wanted to know if this is a successful method for the transfer, and if the Terra UST will lose its timestamp of being purchased before the attack after I convert them from the transition coins back to Terra on another wallet.

Please help as I don’t want to lose my remaining Terra UST by making a wrong move.



It’s too late to qualify for the airdrop so it’s not worth paying the ethereum fees to unwrap/bridge your eth-wrapped coins over to terra station.

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What can we do to make it not ‘too late’?

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You can’t, the snapshot was taken two days ago

I’m like new but I understand things can be put out for a vote. for instance provide a new snapshot to allow wluna hodlers to realize they are not getting the airdrop because they need to transition to terra station.

No, this is not possible

In lieu of missing genesis, Can something be work out for vesting periods ?

Im not sure if I understood. Isn’t the airdrop for the entire Terra community?

The airdrop was based on the held amount before or after the attack, not on what wallet someone is using.

What if Coinbase decides to support the new coin based on the stability of the new coin? Would we get reimbursed based on the criteria?

This entire fix has been unfair to many people holding non-supporting platforms. It was unknown what platforms will and will not support the airdrop.

No guidance was given to Terra holders just in case their platforms didnt support the airdrop. No instructions were provided on how to move the money to a platform supporting the airdrop.

This is unfair to many. Is there a way to appeal this? Are there any explanations?

We were patiently waiting for a solution and now we feel excluded by a rushed solution.


It is very unusual for centralised exchanges to support airdrops, so personally I am amazed how many have decided to support this one and distribute it to their customers. In general, it is best to hold your coins on a non-custodial wallet to be able to receive airdrops.

In Coinbase’s case in particular, they did not even have native UST or Luna on their exchange - they only have ethereum-wrapped coins. So they will not have received the airdrop anyway. If they did, I would have recommended you contact them and ask them why they are not distributing the airdrop to their customers.

In addition, the pre-attack snapshot did not include UST anyway, only aUST on Anchor protocol.

We guided a lot of people on here and in the telegram on moving their assets to Terra Station. The proposal itself also said to move bridged assets to the Terra chain. It is unfortunate you missed it.

I am in the same boat…holding onto my pre-attack UST on coinbase patiently waiting for a “solution” and trying to be prudent in not making any moves in fears of not being counted as holding UST pre-collapse.

Not sure of where to go from here. Any ideas/updates welcome.

Hi, two things:

  1. Coinbase doesn’t have UST, only ethereum-wrapped UST, so they have not received the airdrop.
  2. UST was not included in the pre-attack snapshot anyway, only aUST (UST deposited on Anchor protocol on Terra).

This should help you with your decision on moving/trading your UST.