Just calculate a bit v2 - really have a look

V1 pre bombing
Original circulation
342 167 457. 21

New Circulation
1 000 000 000 . 00

Okay lets go a bit deeper $1 per = 1 Billion needed for market cap …you see a problem here those guys that bought in early making these $180 × Xamounts stupid calculations

Think twice what a 3 times market actually pre when things hit the fan .

$1 per Lunav2 = 1 billion Market Cap

$32 per Lunav2 = 32 billion let say when silly ppl invest later on

Or more like $0 USD because they’re meaningless and what cex or dex will list them when all faith is gone? No matter the size of your airdrop of LUNAV2 it’s worth ZERO. Even LUNA diluted as is has more value. Save it.

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