Luna 2.0 starting price

So what figure do you think Luna 2.0 will start at on the 27th


$2 or $3

0.80 cent

$1 or slightly under

We can buy lollipops and candies with the airdrop “refund”


This is all very easy to calculate.

A: Pick a number of Billion you think the new market cap will be, the reasonable range is 1 to 60 billion (max combined previous luna+ust market cap). Example: 5 billion.

B: Divide that number by 0.24. Example: 5/0.24 = 20.83 per luna-v2

C: To work out how many new luna-v2 you will have for post attack luna, divide your total post attack luna by 65,337.635. Example: 1,000,000 LUNA / 65,337.635 = 15.30511473 luna-v2.

D: To work out how many new luna-v2 you will have at the start, multiple your total luna v2 by 0.3. Example: 15.30511473 luna-v2 * 0.3 = 4.59153441 luna-v2. Remainder vested over 2 years.

Here is a simple table of market cap, and corresponding price per luna-v2 at the initial distribution:

2b: 8.3334
3b: 12.5000
4b: 16.6667
5b: 20.8334
6b: 25.0000
7b: 29.1667
8b: 33.3334
9b: 37.5000
10b: 41.6667
11b: 45.8334
12b: 50.0000
13b: 54.1667
14b: 58.3334
15b: 62.5000
16b: 66.6667
17b: 70.8334
18b: 75.0000
19b: 79.1667
20b: 83.3334
21b: 87.5000
22b: 91.6667
23b: 95.8334
24b: 100.0000
25b: 104.1667
26b: 108.3334
27b: 112.5000
28b: 116.6667
29b: 120.8334
30b: 125.0000
31b: 129.1667
32b: 133.3334
33b: 137.5000
34b: 141.6667
35b: 145.8334
36b: 150.0000
37b: 154.1667
38b: 158.3334
39b: 162.5000
40b: 166.6667

i doubt it will go over 2b considering everyone is gonna cash out what they can


nice chart. btw currently ust would get you twice as many new luna for same $ invested compared to luna

Very good chart, thanks.
However most airdropped projects rarely have over $200M market cap in the beginning. Let’s wait and see.

Currently the market thinks it’s around $10 going by the current LUNA CLASSIC price. I wonder how close they are.


lol where can i even sell this v2 junk?

why do you have to guess a market cap?
the question is what is the very starting price at which the token will be trated at launch?

my answer is: whatever the highest price a bidder is willing to pay for, I guess
is this the way it works, or the launch price is predetermined?

I can only imagine the sell pressure at genesis…

It’s nice to see a smart reply, thank you. I have more hope now in terra community

You literally know nothing about starting market cap of airdrops. Please check ENS or APE. 2 and 3B MC

if my quick sums are correct, the initial circulating supply could be as low as 120m after you factor in wallets which were excluded from airdrop - which would imply doubling all the figures in the table. We need to see how it’s calculated at genesis however.


Thanks for your kind words muniel. I haven’t been in APE or ENS but I’ve mostly been in the Cosmos ecosystem of airdrops and they were pretty low. Could be different there.

Wow so does this mean people will become millions over night. I guess we’ll see :slight_smile:

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if the initial supply is at 120M, than I’d expect that Luna 2.0 would be start anywhere between $50-$100 and drop off immediately since people will sell off asap

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It will start at 10$, but 1 minute later you will see below 1$. So you better be quick.

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