Leadership for Luna Classic

I’ve made this proposal in a selfish moment. Me as a community member and strong supporter of the Luna Classic block chain. I regret seeing all the latest fud going around. Pointing out the lack of face, responsibility and leadership. Terra Rebels as how we’ve been calling it for a long time take the lead in the rebellion and restarting our chain, but they are failing in my opinion. A lack of trust, transparency and understanding what is going on there, we know the term Terra Rebels but for the rest I feel zero affinity with them providing solutions for the chain.

I do believe a funding is required and should be paid out to any whom provided their work for the better, and this doesn’t have to come cheap as the work provided is valuable and should be rewarded. Nobody here like to provide work for free or for any other too provide without receiving anything back yourself. I want to voice my opinion to all the community members involved in any way with Luna Classic. That we need to stop this extend of “100% community driven” coin as it makes zero sense without a leadership, today nearly all proposals which pass, will be followed up with counter proposals within days. Outrages amount of Fud on Twitter and negativity.

As it goes on we’re no more than an amateur block chain, being owned by the children with the loudest scream, yet a lack of knowhow how to manage or long term vision. Shouting we need to burn it all, is the most unrealistic stupidity, as they can’t understand the time it takes, and how much we need to burn to get to our final goal. From the start around we had to burn more than 99,85% of the total circulation in order to get to our goal of 10 billion, but it seems so many people are blind to this or have not idea how to do math. We need utility, for this we need to work on it, burning comes second.

Now as resolve to process for the better we need a strong leader, in the past months I personally see only one person as the true face and legitimate leader of LUNC, a man whom haven’t been posting nonsense but focused on the work he provided, what he share is clear and understandable. His ideas have been nothing more than in favor of the chain and I’m here to propose if the community thinks alike to give him the full rights to become the face and main leadership of the LUNC chain. Already showed and proved himself as non-selfish man, I mean this man is a professor in a university to teach, how wrong can he be? His credentials are verified and believe more than a worthy leader.
I’m talking about Edward Kim, @edk208, the man we can find anything about his achievements online. I do nothing more than admire this man. I made this proposal without knowing him personally, within noticing him on any place, without knowing if he is willing or checking his point of view, hence the reason of my so called selfish proposal.

But I want to see this man take the leaders ship, I want to see this man take the decisions of funding from the community pool, I want this man this set lobby of our own Luna Classic Labs, hire skilled people and run the chain as a corporate and he is allowed to become crazy rich from it as long he keep building on it. As a professor at the university he might have a broader network than many of us coming to skilled people willing to jump on this amazing ship. If you think alike, please vote to let this proposal pass, and this is not a guarantee he will take the lead and if we can. But it might set him to think to do so.


Hmm :thinking: Where have I seen this idea before?

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I’ve no idea if such proposal have been set out before, however this been a creation of my own toughts as a simple community member, seeing the amount of latest fud and faillures, I believe that we do need a leader in order to create progress, Edward Kim should be the leader and face of LUNC how Do Kwon been that for LUNA.


Perhaps first talk to the person you are proposing, before abusing governance.


And what Edward say?? did you talk to him…? Maybe he don’t want to be the leader…before making proposals and put it on terra station…be sure you are not wasting our time…don’t take me wrong I want Edward to be the leader…I just the proposal it’s not right

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I do fully agree with an idea of the proposal. Up to my vision it’s the only huge step forward which can make real changes in the future.

While I personally would offer Zaradar as the candidate for this role it’s still fully supported proposal by me as at the end of the day both guys do work as a team.

Also following some comments… there is nothing wrong with community expressing the will of such an offer to be made towards Ed. It does not make him to agree but does show that community is united (or not) in a wish to get a true leader.


Additionally, put it up on agora to get feedback before putting it up of TS. Yes,I want Ed to be the face…but let’s get it right.


As stated in the proposal, no I did not reach out to Ed, simply I’m a nobody, just an unsatisfied community member and supporter of the Luna classic chain. But me alone asking Ed will have no voice for him to listen or think about, neither a stage will be created if placed on agora but if the community will vote on the proposal and it will pass, we do have a genuine voice to ask if professor Ed if he want to serve the community as leader with the proof we the community supports him to be it. The reason why I called it selfish as this been a non-discussed topic and I’m a small humble man wishing to see something being changed.

Doesn’t he want to be one, it’s something we all should respect. It will however open the discussion that we might need a face and leader whom the community genuine trust and support. So do it right, if Ed doesn’t want set a new proposal we need to look for somebody else.

Ed however have great the greatest credentials, proved himself and giving the legitimate best aura from all whom works on the chain. If somebody need to make such decisions and spend/use the funding it should be him in my opinion.


I’m really disappointed. This kind of governance really sucks. Are we just bunch of kids?
@Outlandish - You did not contact with Ed, You haven’t had time to discuss it properly, and You put it to the vote? Echa proposal treated like this one should be alwayes treated with “No witth veto”.

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People who really abuse the Governance are the once who voted “yes” for minting coins back and issuing funds to TR without going into details of their proposal and thinking of where it’s going to lead. This truly was not a Community Vote but the Abuse of Voting by a group having too much of voting power. Is not it way more childish to play with Community Funds like it was recently done?

The proposals which currently making a chaos are the once trying to change burning rate every two weeks without effecting development of network in its core.

Current proposal is the only one which makes sense to stop ongoing FUD and chaos. Network has to have a clear leader with full rights to oppose future stupid proposals and scam. As well as greedy validators which are in total control of any voting now.

Also it’s no reason to actually ask Ed to make decisions now as there is no clear outcome of Voting. Even if for any reason his answer would be “no” he can still give valuable advice or re-delegate to the person he trusts. Which is 100% fine IMHO.

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I hope you listened to Zaradar’s interview…

What really is childish… Is having no team capable of doing the job required for the true development of network and to hope smthg gonna change with numerous new proposals about the burning rate. Having no clear roadmap and trusting people who have no authority to manage funds. Looking at every new senseful proposal being abused and manipulated… And this list goes on…

There has to be a clear Leader for Lunc to survive.

This is IMHO the best proposal in months time. And the outcome of it just gonna clearly point to the people who are not really interested in anything apart from short time personal gains. This goes to validators first of all.

There are only two persons around who are trustworthy, respected enough and capable of managing the actual business and programming side of network. Zaradar and Ed.


Ed Kim to become the supreme leader of LUNC?

Count us in. https://twitter.com/ClassyCrypto_/status/1605577666454728705

(proposal doesn’t mean much but fun anyway)


I like the idea of leadership and I strongly believe in Ed, but I believe putting one person as a leader is not ideal. I believe Ed, Bruse ( LuncDao) and one more is the best choice

Where is our super star Vegas?? :rofl:

Ed would be the man but if he has not been consulted this is an unfortunate way of going about it.

I’ve been thinking deeply about this proposal I completely agree that the leader should be centered around the community, and I’ve painted about Edward Kim as the leader, but he’s obviously done a lot of work for the LUNC, and he’s a well-known university professor So, although it looks good to put it on the face, I was like, “Well,” when it comes to the quality of a company’s boss The boss needs to communicate with everyone, he needs charisma, he needs influence, he needs competence, but he doesn’t seem to be good enough to be a boss We also lack the power to lead the group, and we need to be very careful about this I don’t think it’s about being a CEO just because this guy looks fine If you’re going to be a CEO, you’re going to be seen without trying to be seen in this situation But unfortunately, it’s sad that I don’t see such a person now


I suggest the points you made are very good and definitely to be discussed. But at the same time my understanding of current proposal is that we are not making anyone a sole owner, emperor or giving anyone unlimited rights to make any future decisions on his own.

Basically we are asking Ed to step in as a leader for dev teams. Asking him to choose the people he would like to work with to make it comfortable and potentially successful as he sees it.

I would logically suggest that if voting passes and he agrees we should expect him to express his own vision for future and most likely some conditions on which he would be happy to concentrate on developing the network / forming the core team etc…


Bring back Do Kwon or Edward Kim please!

the negative aspect of the “community driven project”.
anyone can do anything and everything.