Leadership for Luna Classic

This would be ok. Ed, Z and Jared can actually do something.

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Not sure it’s a good idea to make a statement out of smthg what is still in voting phase and especially by adding random people to the list of so-called “recovery team”. Just confusing people really.

Current proposal 11126 does include only Edward Kim.

So It would make more sense just to direct people to read and vote on the proposal.

Do hope the proposal gonna pass as otherwise I personally don’t see any positive reason to be involved / invested further.

In a crisis mode, there should be only 1 captain to the ship.

I think it would be nice for Edward to come forward.

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Will he take on the debts?

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I definitely want to see a mutually respected team of developers with Edward Kim, Tobias Andersen and others who are willing to work on LUNC. Not sure if a CEO role is best for Edward Kim as his skillset is needed with L1, but I do believe he is a reliable candidate for that position.