Proposal of Support & Nomination for LUNC Chairman Ed Kim

Written by: Rabbi Jebediah ( )
Co-Authors: The Great Goat Army of mighty South Korea

= S U M M A R Y =
This is a signalling proposal meant to gauge the community’s love towards our Dear Leader, @ek826 and the light of our lives that is the Terra Grants Foundation. The community will be asked to vote depending on how strongly they feel about Chariman Ed Kim becoming the Great Leader of LUNC for life! With the chain now fully centralized under his benevolent leadership, the community can thank him for all his work by electing him Chairman and legitimizing his permanent power over the chain!

Likewise, the community can unequivocally show their support for the upcoming AI project known as “BLACK ENTROPY” which will indubitably put LUNC on the backburner as our wonderful and talented L1 team comprised of industry veterans goes into “maintenance mode” in Q3. Yes, they will work with Chairman Kim to bring his vision of AI utopia to life! This proposal is thus a show of unity, and a way for the LUNC community to express its support, love, admiration, and undying devotion to Dear Leader!


= M O T I V A T I O N =
With the LUNC Agora scheduled to go into read-only mode in a day or so, it’s only appropriate we erect a final monument to @ek826, @LuncBurnArmy, and @Marco_Ferreira that will remain here as a testament for all they’ve accomplished thus far. Sure, they’ve processed exactly 0 grants with their “grants foundation” while taking community pool money to the north of $300,000+ so far, and they’ve centralized the entire chain under the TGF with the help of Allnodes, and they’ve tried to sneak in blacklisting code (which would’ve killed the chain’s immutability), and they’ve fought tooth and nail to keep other developers from contributing to the chain as an open-source project while at the same time fudging their team roster (where art thou, Superman?), and so on and so forth… but all that’s beside the point - what matters is we have them with us, guiding us to a brighter future!

Lo and behold, the fruits of their labors! The pinnacle of their craft! :pray:


Rejoice, LUNC community, for we are saved! This cutting-edge AI will surely make LUNC moon!
We’ve nothing left to fear now, our only worry being how much LUNC we can buy prior to the takeoff!

= P R O P O S A L =
Let us join hands in unity. Let us put aside all current faction-driven infighting, and step forward united! Let us march to a new and bright future under the banner of the TGF and Dear Leader’s new AI chain… march forward, brave comrades, like the great soldiers of China itself on their way towards manifest destiny! LUNC to $1! LUNC to $10! LUNC to $100! The world is ours, if we only join hands and believe in our Dear Leader Chairman Ed Kim and his talented helpers!

Vote YES if you unequivocally support Dear Leader Ed Kim and his Comrade-Generals!
Vote NO if you unquestionably support Dear Leader Ed Kim and his Comrade-Generals!
Vote ABSTAIN if you faithfully support Dear Leader Ed Kim and his Comrade-Generals!
Vote VETO if you indubitably support Dear Leader Ed Kim and his Comrade-Generals!


And remember, dear friends: your votes are symbolic, as all important governance-related decisions are made in a closed validator channel that’s accessible only to a handful of “old guard” vals like Allnodes, and the TGF before being posted for discussion and voting. Many thanks to Ed for being selfless enough to perform the duties of governance without burdening the rest of us with these problems! We can all rest easy now that our lack of participation is no longer a bug, but a feature! :pray:

Thank you, our glorious leaders!

Thank you @ek826
Thank you @LuncBurnArmy
Thank you @Marco_Ferreira

May the Mandate of Heaven never end for you, and LUNC’s Community Pool remain forever replenished and full of $$$ to fund all your endeavors during Q3, Q4, Q5, and many, many more Qs into the future, all the way until you grow weary and tired of the money some 10 years from now! :heart: :heart: :heart:

But most of all, thank you, LUNC community, for enabling these fine people and their presence!
Truly we are so blessed to have such a diverse community that believes in Dear Leader!
the LUNC community
G-d bless each and every one of you! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Shalom! :pray:

Signed by: Rabbi Jebediah (and his goats)
Special thanks: to all our wonderful Frens!



Most of the time I disagree with you but now you do have some good points here.
When tax burn was reduced from1.2 to 0.2 in less than a months was based on some machine learning showing how volunes will increase 10x after reduction. We all know what happened.
When prop 10983 was proposed the main argument on that proposal was that it won’t be implemented until Ed speaks with CZ Binance. We all lnow it bever happened and what reaction triggered from Binance.
Regarding project management I still didn’t see any online realtime project management tracker. There are so many apps out there that allows you to do project management in a very transparent way. I believe we as community deserve to see what is happening. After all the mess with L1 projects status I would have expected more professionalism from the project manager.

I have no issues if ED is working on AI implementation on LUNC but I would like to see some road map, some structure if any money from LUNC community will be use.

Yeah, most people forget that Chairman Kim was responsible for the 0.2% tax reduction.

Good points as well.

They’re all amateurs. None of these people (Ed, Steve, Marco, Tobias) have ever taken a company from drawing board to IPO. They’re either academics (in Ed’s case) or paper-pushers and admins/clerics. Or total nutjobs (Tobias). They’d mismanaged Terra Rebels to the point they accomplished nothing of note in over 6 months of existence (despite massive good will and support from the community). Then Ed just went ahead and rebooted the same failures into TR 2.0 (aka Terra Grants Foundation). And here we are, 12 months from the crash, with nothing to show for it.

Parity won’t save LUNC, because no one will come to build on a broken, impoverished chain.
USTC repeg by Redline is a good effort, but it’s only a partial fix, and depends on CEX cooperation.
And Edchain is nonsense that has no product market fit or niche/edge with which to stand out.

All of these things are bandaids. The main way to revive LUNC is to fix the damn swap algo and find a way to redesign the Market Module so we can re-enable two way swaps and let arbitrage chew through the 7 T supply. This is easier said than done because there’s a $10B debt hole tied to USTC, and no one’s yet managed to design a system robust enough to survive yet another crash without hyperminting to death, all while taking into account and juggling external liquidity without reaching for off-chain capital controls (like CEXs and their whole bag of tricks). But no one even talks about this, let alone attempts to design and build a new and improved swap system. Which is why LUNC will continue to bleed out, while the TGF & L1JTF (under the direction of Dear Lead Kim) continue to leech value from the chain and grift for their petty salaries. That’s the greatest tragedy of this whole situation. The whole crypto world wanted LUNC to rebound and revive, but we were cursed with inept leadership from day 1 that only dug the chain’s grave.

I really don’t mind Ed working on his AI chain. What pisses me off is our L1 devs on the JTF taking LUNC money to put LUNC into “maintenance mode” (translation: abandon it) so they can go help Ed with his AI project. If Ed and the validators had any sense, they’d find a way to bankroll one team to work on LUNC L1 issues, a second team to help with Edchain development, and a third team to handle USTC/repeg initiatives. But they’re not smart or capable, which is why they keep other teams frozen out while hoarding all dev work as if it’s gold… which in turn makes their progress slower than a snail’s. Parity has been worked on for 4+ months in one form or another, and they’re still not done with it! Why? Because they’re inept clowns, but also because they lack manpower for large software engineering projects. Healthy chains have 20+ devs working on them - meanwhile, the idiots in charge of LUNC keep tweeting about “maintenance mode” and 5-man teams being too large to dev on LUNC. :man_facepalming:

This whole situation is a textbook example of gross mismanagement perpetuated by numbskulls.

It should be studied in business schools as as perfect way not to lead an IT startup, blockchain or otherwise. The past 12 months of LUNC “management” by Ed & Tobias & Raider & Vegas & co. are a classic example of what happens when Dunning-Kruger idiots are given more responsibility and power than they can handle. These people tend to fail downwards to the level of their ineptitude if they’re lucky enough to work for a corp. But since LUNC has no quality controls of any kind (and validators refuse to hold Dear Leader Kim accountable for his failures), then what happens is that they continue fucking things up until they inevitably drive all value from the chain and it ends up a desiccated husk void of any worth or potential.

Retail is already fleeing in droves. This will only accelerate as more and more people realize LUNC is beyond saving while the current crop of clowns are in charge of its direction.

Predictable outcome: Oracle pool depletion, active set dispersion, and Binance de-listing.

I give the chain less than 12 months of life left unless TGF and its ghouls are driven out.


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You don’t deliver anything and try to be funny?

Why dont you and your dudes leave the chain for the people who are atleast trying to do something for the chain…

Shame on you!

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Lmao… did Chairman Kim put you up to that? :joy:

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Impossible until stop distribution. Fa11&fa11.

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Whoever did this to Avax,Sol,dot a and the others did it.
you useless man. you don’t know sh*t.

Those are relatively stable, you idiot.

LUNC, meanwhile, keeps depreciating.

Learn to read a chart, you dumb ape.


My SOL bag +100% this year.
LUNC (still have little bag) only dymp from September, already -80%. Open your eyes.


only you can say that. It’s bear season and you’re waiting for the rise, dumy. As long as they act in accordance with the roadmap, it will be appreciated in the bull season. You’re against everything, fuk off, have s*x with your mom at home.


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I will vote Yes with veto to show my absolute support for chairman Kim and the Royal Family. It’s high time we stop pretending there is any democracy on this project. Who needs this capitalist invention anyways if the TGF and Allnodes can make all the decisions we need in private.

we’re not surprised, just another useless member of the same team. Where are your other friends or is one person managing all of you? :joy:

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There will be no next bullrun, you didn’t know?

They cancelled it. It’s over for moontards like you dirty roach.

The third troll has arrived. Where are your other friends? Or will you go to other accounts in order and write to keep the topic on the agenda? bit*h bear :joy:

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