Luna Classic : next life

As you can see, the 1623 proposal has been adopted. Since there are no details on what Luna’s next life will be (if it exists), can anyone provide us relevant information on:

  • Will any validator continue to secure transactions on the existing chain ?
  • Will still support/dev be afforded on the Luna “Classic” ?

In fact, Mr Kwon was planning to launch a new Blockchain, which is his concern, and we wish him good luck, but I don’t see why the Terra’s community is asked to vote for ? Except maybe :

  • Allowing Mr Kwon to withdraw the last residual value of Luna.
  • Allowing Mr Kwon to reuse the “Luna” Brand for his new Project.
  • Allowing Mr Kwon pickup the dev team and the LFG funds to fund his new project.

In return, you all are supposed to wait for crumbs that he is promising you from his new project, without any value prevision.

In fact, the Terra community has just approved that any residual value of Luna becomes Kwon’s property, and he is now free to allocate it to his new project. Was we this naive, or have we been confused by the “Fork” rumors ? Or is it the dictatorship of big owners in complete opposition of the majority interrest (small holders) ? How can you be sur about the portion that you will earn from the airdrop ? What will be the new token’s value ?

Thus, here is the proposal :
Cancell Mr Kwon’s vote since it is a third partie Project and doesn’t have any proposal for the current Terra Blockchain.

  • No devs have expressed support yet, but very fortunately, at least BlockNgine had said that they will continue validating classic: BlockNgine Twitter
  • Agree mostly with your other points.

It is no secret that Lazarus Group is very active in luna ecosystem , a lot of google ad and fake site was bought to google ad —which these agencies attribute to North Korean state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) actors—is targeting individuals and companies, including cryptocurrency exchanges and financial service companies, through the dissemination of cryptocurrency trading applications that have been modified to include malware that facilitates theft of cryptocurrency.

These cyber actors have targeted organizations for cryptocurrency theft in over 30 countries during the past year alone. It is likely that these actors view modified cryptocurrency trading applications as a means to circumvent international sanctions on North Korea—the applications enable them to gain entry into companies that conduct cryptocurrency transactions and steal cryptocurrency from victim accounts , and trying to recruiting devs , Do kwon, LFG and insiders vc in terra ecosystem.

I See no value for us small holders who bought before and during the crash, personally I did bought before the crash but sold it, then when it was going down I bought at these levels 3$/1$/0.1$/0.02$, didn’t see that the supply was going that fast and when I’ve seen it reach 0.000001 with all my money gone to cents, I checked and seen the amount that has been mint, asked my self why didn’t they stopped that by shutting down the network, who was throwing those coins into the Cexs! And now Do kwon comes with this stupid plan which don’t know who are thosr folks who voted for! This is really a hard lesson I learned. Never trust a project even BTC and so on.