LUNA Classic not showing in Terra Station Wallet in Chrome Extension

I am using Terra Station Wallet 3.0.11 on my Desktop with Chrome Extension.

Till yesterday I was able to go Settings, change extension option network to “classic” and it would change the wallet to Classic. It is still doing so in the extension detail as shown below


But when I go to my Terra Station Wallet, instead of changing to “classic” which it did till yesterday, it is now still showing LUNA


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Delete browser cache

thanks, i think i tried that already. i reinstalled extension, also restarted my computer. anyways I will try to delete browser cache…

I have some problem, I sent from my binance account but it lost 1 million lunc! and there is any support any mail adress from terra foundation

Hi, I was able to see my LUNC coins when I went to Chrome → Settings → Extensions and switched the network to Classic. You can try this, It should show you the LUNC coins in your wallet. You can also search in Terra Finder if you enter your wallet address it will show you your LUNC coins in your wallet

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Good day

My terra station doesn’t generate my initial address of wallet and even I recover my wallet several times with 24 mnemonic phrase each time it give me a different address but never my initial wallt where my funds are stacked.
Also it unblock wallet after entering 12 words and sometimes with a different address.

Try to solve it by keplr nothing change, same address issue.Also bu cosmostation
Several times installed & remove terra station on desktop and mobile but nothing changes.
No possible to get my initial address.I manuanlly addes colombus-5 network but impossible to generate my initial wallet address.
Tried with different HD derivation path no solution.
My passphrase and password are correct and printed on a paper.

My initial wallet address where my funds are stacked is:


Contacted support of Luna team by telegram nobody can help.And a lot scammer on telegram.
Discord link doesn’t work.
Do you know how I can get my funds?
Is there any way to recover my intial addrass?
Thanks for your return.
Best regards.

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Hi there
as you have my problem and you solved it I need your help
I have LUNC in terra station extension on chrome and also I have my mnemonic seed and my password but my wallet doesn’t show my funds!
what did you do to see your funds in your wallet?
please help me

you maybe just need to switch networks to classic like it is explained here Switch networks | Terra Docs

I think this is due to update of Terra station extension.
You can see your funds by clicking Manage Tokens button and adding LUNC and USTC.

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you don’t need to add lunc and ustc, they are native

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