Luna classic gone from wallet

So if this is how it should of gone then okay but I got the airdrop but they took ALL my Luna classic away which I was under the assumption they’d not do. Given I had way over £650 in value at the time and the Luna airdrop equates to no where near that value

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hey, who is “they”? old luna should still be there if you switch network to “classic” as described here Switch networks — Terra Docs documentation. if there are transactions on your old wallet you didn’t make - your wallet might have been compromised and i’d move everything from this wallet (if there is anything left).
you can check transactions on the classic chain using


Life saver, cheers mate :heart:

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Cant change network the gear icon is no longer on terra station for me

Trust is low. No clear communucation from your side.

what do you mean exactly? in terra station web extension you can’t switch network?

web browser extension wallet doesn’t seem to allow changing networks. need to to use desktop Terra Station for this.

Also you can go to, paste your wallet address and toggle between Mainnet and Classic to see tokens on each network.

terra station web extension is perfectly capable of switching networks, i just tried it out, worked fine.


Hello, sorry for bothering but I didn’t receive any new coin in my Terra Station wallet. When was the snapshot made for the post-attack holders?
Here’s my wallet address: terra1jujjkw7g00vq6kyqtt5lfnpueu8cjpkk6cfjj8

Thank you

hey, this wallet actually received ~15 luna airdrop

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Oh well, thank you! And where can I see them in my wallet? In my classic network I have the old Luna, but when I go to my mainnet I have just a white page, nothing there.

I can’t find them anywhere I’m sorry!

that’s weird. you sure it is the same wallet you sent me? are you using terra station web extension or desktop app? tried clearing cache / refreshing the page? got a screenshot maybe?

Yes it’s the same wallet I sent you, I just clicked on the copy button and paste it. I’m using the terra station web extension on Chrome, should I download the app? I also just tried to clear the cache but it’s the same as before, total white on the mainnet page.

interesting, are you able to connect to
are you using vpn?
could you open terra station web extension, right-click it, choose inspect, and then switch to mainnet - will there be any errors in the console of the dev tools page?

Hi Team,

I bridged my Terra on May 26, 2022, 11:51:27 AM (GMT-5) to Terra Station Wallet.

Can anyone let me know why I am not seeing Luna? Neither under Mainnet nor Classic.
I still see my USTC in my account, can I do anything with that?

See wallet here: terra1cgpjdk9mgvq2fy93tkuafln0nptx6puw6wn7px


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Yes I connected my wallet to and I can see the “14.something” Luna. Now I opened my wallet extension again and it shows 4.520494 Luna in the mainnet. Better that nothing haha, but I don’t know what that’s the amount.

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Hey man can you please help me ?
I have transferred all my Luna from coinbase to Terra station (ETH to Luna) on May 26th before post attack.
Right now in my account I can see Luna Classic (LUNC) only. If I switch network to Mainnet then there is no Luna. But in the classic network LUNc price is equivalent to new luna. I have no clue what’s going on.
Did Airdrop happen to my account or no ?
Please please help. Thank you

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I can’t see either any new LUNA in my Terra Station Wallet terra12pldrcde4kp290m3hwk30fz4xcnk6m933ufvll


You were not eligible for an airdrop.