Luna for Developers - Development WIKI/Community

Luna for Developers - Development WIKI/Community


Create a Development WIKI for Dapps/Utilities and other app development and a Forum for utility development community.

My proposal is that I propose 2 new sections on the terra rebels website called “Community” and one “Luna for Devs” although exact names may be changed.

This is for projects/APIs using terra luna classic and whatever coin it is re-pegged to later on to create a community around helping share knowledge and build a networking connection with other devs.


To create adoption, utility and volume for terra classic we need to make it as easy as possible for developers to implement connections to luna and create updates when needed.

We also need to create a strong indie development community for Dapps/utilities so we are not reliant on one project but we work on creating an ecosystem that creates many.

The easier and quicker people can develop on Luna and the more friendly and accessible the support network of open source and general developers the more adoption and the more attractive it looks for developers to adopt.

Creating a new forums and wiki on terra rebels will also cut off even more from Terra 2 and terraform labs and the agora attached to them and will give an independent forum/wiki completely cut off from them. It will also give a fresh slate and with the new sections proposed will give even more ability for artists and NFT creators and more to interact with the community and help it build.


Section 1 “Luna for Devs” - Documentation & API WIKI

This section is where the documentation and links to githubs are stored. This includes documentation on very simple connections to connect the luna wallet to a website and details for example when we had the burn added how it would be implemented to help developers to update their code easily to prevent problems such as what happened with some wallets not functioning because of the burn update. Possibly eventually some use case examples but this is designed to give developers links to resources and documentation to help them develop their own systems.

The main point is to Document SDK/APIs, Link to Resources i.e Github and Link to Resources SDK/APIs for developers. With it being a wiki it would allow developers and community to suggest updates to the wiki but prevent any changes to occur until they have been approved to prevent abuse but also allow the community to help with updating and shoulder some of the burden of updating documentation.

Hopefully it will also be home to Links to SDKs and Apis as well built by the community as it grows as well.

Second 2 “Community”- Terra Classic Forums

The main point of this is to build a strong community of independent developers from a range of areas but also to help those people who wish to form new indie development groups to meet and create as well as groups who band together to create free and open source utilities for the community.

As well as giving a place where developers who are stuck on implementation changes or code to ask for advice. The idea is that as they grow we all grow and the knowledge sharing will help projects to be built faster. Making a friendly, well documented community on the dev forum will encourage more developers to choose luna and more growth in utility & adoption. As well as building a bridge with users, journalists, influencers and Luna holders to see what developments are being made with luna and the wider Dapp area.

Some suggestions for sections are as follows:

Condensed map of forums:

  • Announcements
  • General
  • Governance & Proposals
  • Staking
  • Luna Support
  • Luna Chain Development
  • Luna for Developers
    • Development Help
    • Beginner Developers
    • Web & Ecommerce Development
    • Game Development
    • Android Development
    • Apple Development
    • Validators Development
    • Dapps
    • Other Utilities
  • Artist, Musicians & NFTs
    • NFT Help
    • Art & Graphics
    • Audio Development
  • Recruitment
    • Paid Roles
    • Open Source
    • Startups
  • Spotlight
    • OpenSource
    • General Software and Applications
    • Mobile Apps
    • Websites
    • Games
    • NFTs
    • Shops & MarketPlaces
    • Other Projects
  • Journalists & Influencers
    • General Discussion
    • Official Press Releases
    • Community Press Releases
    • Social Media influencers

Full details

Forum 1 “Announcements”

This is a section where only terra Luna classic developers can post i.e. the rebels. It is designed to update people with changes or updates they need to make i.e. when the burn came in place there would be a post in here ahead of time with the block height update time and details about it so that developers can easily make changes ahead of time and prevent any downtime with their projects etc.

Forum 2 “General”

Anything that doesn’t fit in or for the community to discuss.

Forum 3 “Governance & Proposals”

Where people can post proposals and talk about them before being voted on

Forum 4 “Staking”

Talking about staking with a pinned comment explaining to users what is staking and how to stake.

Forum 5 “Luna Support”

For users to report any problems and bugs with Luna in general

Forum 6 “Luna Chain Development”

Talking about chain development i.e. updates and changes to terra Luna classic chain.

Forum 7 “Luna for Developers”

The Development Section is split into sub sections but this is to contain all information about developing software and apps for the Luna chain.

Sub-forum 7 A “Development Help”

This is a place to ask for help with a dev problem you have much like for example asking for help on stack overflow due to a weird error message. This is so the whole community can band together to help each other.

Sub-forum 7 B “Beginner Developers”

This is designed to hold educational materials i.e. links to videos or tutorials or example projects. To help beginner devs to grow the amount of people creating and help new adoption.

Sub-forum 7 C “Web & Ecommerce Development”

This section holds help for developers of website APIs specifically and for ecommerce websites i.e allowing payment on your store.

Sub-forum 7 D “Game Development”

This is a place for information and questions about game development for terra luna classic i.e burning coins in game etc.

Sub-forum 7 E “Android Development”

This for help with implementing android development i.e apps on the play store using terra luna classic.

Sub-forum 7 F “Apple Development”

This for help with implementing android development i.e apps on the apple store using terra luna classic.

Sub-forum 7 G “Validators Development"

This is to help validators band together to help each other with issues with their validators or downtime problems etc so we can get more stable validators and help them to work efficiently.

Sub-forum 7 H “Dapps”

This is for any other Dapps.

Sub-forum 7 I ”Other Utilities"

This is for any other utilities which do not fit in any other category for example a SDK or API etc.

Forum 8 “Artist, Musicians & NFTs”

Sub-forum 8 A “NFT Help”

This is to help with launching NFTs i.e problems when trying to upload them to exchanges supporting luna or general advice with creating NFTs. This is not to advertise NFTs collections that will be in the spotlight section. But instead it’s to help artists who wish to create NFTs to talk to people who have experience in creating NFTs to grow the ecosystem.

Sub-forum 8 B “Art & Graphics”

A place where Artists can talk about getting help for projects i.e help with sprites for games or UI graphics for apps etc

Sub-forum 8 C “Audio Development”

A place where musicians can talk about getting help for projects i.e background music for apps or sound effects

Forum 9 “Recruitment”

Sub-forum 9 A “Paid Roles”

This is for companies who advertise paid roles to do with terra luna classic only i.e companies looking for developers who know how to connect with terra luna classic so they can easily implement connections to terra luna classic.

Sub-forum 9 B “Open Source”

This is a section where people can recruit help for a free open source API/projects for terra luna classic. This is so we can grow the amount of open source utilities/APIs for terra luna classic.

Sub-forum 9 B “Startups”

This section is where entrepreneurs/startups can ask if people would like to group together to create their own dev team for a split of a company or profits from a project i.e a group banding together to create a game. Again this for terra luna classic projects and its re-pegged coin only.

Forum 10 “Spotlight”

These sections are to advertise new and updates to projects developed using terra luna classic. They have to support Terra Luna Classic or whatever coin the community repegs to and you are only allowed to post about your project once per week on this forum to prevent spam. I.e we don’t want someone posting about the same game every hour but once per week is fine. This section also needs a disclaimer warning people to be careful about projects posted.

Sub-forum 10 A “OpenSource”

This is a place to advertise open source projects that use Terra Luna Classic or the repegged coin or provide utility to it.

Sub-forum 10 B “General Software and Applications”

Any software or applications that support terra luna class i.e possible you may have an application which people pay per action or pay a subscription to which they use.

Sub-forum 10 C “Mobile Apps”

This section is for any mobile apps that use Terra Luna Classic or the repegged coin however games i.e mobile games have their own section to help them be easy to find for gamers.

Sub-forum 10 D “Websites”

Websites that provide utility to Terra Luna Classic or the repegged coin

Sub-forum 10 E “Games”

Games or mobile games that use Terra Luna Classic or the repegged coin or that burn luna or that use it as in game currency.

Sub-forum 10 F “NFTs”

Advertising latest NFT Collections Only NFTs are allowed to post here are Terra Luna Classic NFT and which ever coin is Re-pegged to Terra Luna Classic. So they Must be for sale using Terra Luna Classic or the repegged coin. No other NFTs are allowed.

Sub-forum 10 G “Shops & MarketPlaces”

I.e shops that support Terra Luna Classic as a payment method or marketplaces which sell NFTs or services with terra luna classic or the repegged coin.

Sub-forum 10 H “Other Projects”

Other Terra Luna Classic Products that don’t fall into this category

Forum 11 “Journalists & Influencers”

This section is to help journalists, social media influencers and bloggers etc connect to the communities to spread news about projects and developments.

Sub-forum 11 A “General Discussion”

A general area for Journalists & influencers to talk and work on projects together.

Sub-forum 11 B “Official Press Releases”

Only Terra Luna Classic Devs can post there. It is designed to hold any official Press Releases or communications i.e announcements which are not technical i.e if they hold an AMA etc.

Sub-forum 11 C “Community Press Releases”

This is so that community projects can send out press releases to Journalists & influencers i.e many a game wants to tell everyone they just got 1 million players or maybe a project wants to tell everyone they listed on the stock exchange etc. this is for community projects that must support terra luna classic or its repegged coin.

Sub-forum 11 D “Social Media influencers”

This section is for influencers to connect with other influencers who support terra luna classic or its repegged coin. For example youtubers talking about the coin want to set up collaborations with developers of projects or maybe twitch streamers who play games that burn luna want to collaborate with other twitch streamers to burn coins and promote terra luna classic games.


To implement these we need a discussion forum system and a wiki system. There are many available open source with well established reputations and functions which would be quick and easy to implement by installing a wiki and a discussion forum. Though it is possible to create one from scratch which would be completely customisable but that would take a little longer and require more updates. Though this may be better in the long run since we have more freedom to change and alter it as we wish. But I didn’t want to limit or set in stone the implementation in this proposal but to give a firm idea of if having a Dev Wiki and Dev discussion forum totally cut off from the old system was something that the community wanted rather than setting the full implementation path.