Lunc coins were stolen from Terra Station and transferred for no reason. Request the station to investigate and recover the stolen Lunc coins

Do not use “ :zap: Auto-compound (Ledger or Keplr)” as a pledge in the Terra Station. This pledge will steal the user’s account password and then withdraw the user’s money. Look at the picture inside this information and take me more than 75 w lunc COINS, steal the money on this address “terra1p6tnpuv8p0k8gr8p72qucrjfktqtdhhdazwa7m”, everyone be careful. Can the workstation help me recover the stolen lunc coins in this case of being stolen by the pledgor? Please refer to the attached transaction record.

Is this related to autocompound function? Maybe this was hacked?

The same thing just happened to me. My Lunc tokens were undelegated and transferred to an account not mine. Did you get your coins back then?

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I just found out the same to my wallet. Somebody stole all my coins on Terra station. Did you get them back?