Lunc value and funding increasing/Accelerate Burning/attract investment(The Poker)

The Lunc is the one currency in the world. Popularity of use will make it price up and valuable.
If we have the consumption way than another crypto currency. Finally, It will attract investors and price increase. (Also the same with my previous proposal we get the fee cost when players join and pay the reward by lunc)
My Proposal: Create 1 Application “The Poker Card” this is a game play and receive reward with Lunc. Moreover if it work. It can help us burning and increase asset ready for repeg.

Chart above explain how how “the poker” help communities burn and increase fund. I rough set up a fee cost total 6% from the total cost we get from players each round. (3% send to burn, 3% send to be asset)

The play rule:

  1. Players must use Lunc buy the ticket before play(300,000 Lunc/Ticket)
  2. The system random separate 30 players/ Group.
  3. The system random find a competitor from the same group or other group.
  4. You have the credit in game per round around 1M when you fold you loss a little point, when you all in and lose/win you loss/win more point vary according to the credit loss/win.
  5. When start new round the credit point full back.
  6. When you lose you loss the points, When you win you get the points who are greatest of points in the group is winner.(Reward rate can see the rough set up valve and can revise later)
  7. The rewards pay every week. It depend on system fix the date to pay the reward or count the number of day from start playing.

If this project work, this is the way to deal business with other crypto’s currency.
And, Probably this is the starting point for Lunc to be the Lasvegas in crypto world.

It is the new thing to really hard occur to real. As I know this isn’t first time to propose create the Poker Card Application someone in communities has try yet but it failed.
So, Below is my propose how to create it to be real.

  1. Deal with the game company contact year per year and give Lunc to them a commission.
  2. Or, I suggest validator should be invest this.
  3. Or, Communities peoples help to invest and the commission return back depend on % of shareholder.(Invest at least should be more than 3M)
  4. Buy the application not complete to continue development.
    5.Leave you comment to this post What the cost? Who and How to create this application.*
    Everyone please share opinion.