Lunc value final version with 1 year plan increase price +$1 with 3rd party earn benefit.(Investor/Cex/Terra Chain)<Signal>

Introduction: This proposal is the final version of funding increasing and accelerating burning proposal which will answer very clear to how to earn benefit of 3rd party between investor/Cex and Terra Chain.
(You can back to read my proposal version 1 and 2 before)
This proposal will deal business model with Cex(Propose start from BN. first) and explain the deep details the subject:

  1. How the investors get benefit.
  2. How Cex get benefit and what is the incentive convince to them can’t refuse this offer.
  3. How the Terra Chain get benefit.
  4. How this proposal will help the repeg with will starting soon and control the USTC will not depeg again.

My vision this proposal will help to burn supply around 400 Billions Lunc/ month and increase funding in the community and oracle pool a half of volume of burning. Moreover this project will make the Cex who join earn benefit around $50USD/month and help the invest to get a chance to earn a huge profit from Lunc price to the moon after repeg finish.(Investor/Cex and Terra Chain all earn profit)

My Proposal: Ceate 1 feature in Cex.(Must be first focus at Binance), I call this feature is 2 Options earn profit(2Op). This feature will help investors who has Lunc in Binance’s Account have 2 choice to earn profit when either Lunc or BTC. price increase by spend 0.2% fee (0.1% sent to burn, 0.05% sent to community pool and 0.05% sent to Oracle pool). The principal of 2Op. will explain in deep detail next subject.<The details change from send 0.1% to community pool to split 0.05% to Oracle Pool and 0.05% to community Pool>

Carefully read and understand the chart above, It explain the reason of the advantages and work process details

1.Investors buy Lunc and store to his wallet in BN.

2.Investor spend 0.2% fee for inlet to 2Op. feature to get a chance to earn profit 2 ways and the investors who not join no need to spend.

When Investors inlet to 2Op. feature.
3. BN. move Lunc to sub-wallet in BN. and convert to BTC(earn fee 0.2%), in the same time BN. reserve the same amount of Lunc for back up.

So, investors have 2 withdrawal options.

3.1 When BTC. price increase: Example: Investor join 2Op. amount 0.2BTC after Lunc converting at BTC.’s price around 29,000 USD. when the BTC. price increase higher than 29,000 USD. they can choose withdraw in the BTC. and earn the profit from price difference.(0.2BTC x (price difference)) and BN. will pull Lunc back.

3.2 When BTC. price down: They can choose withdraw in the Lunc. It’s mean Investors deposit and withdraw in Lunc. and BN. pull BTC. back.

3.3 When Lunc price increase than BTC. They choose withdraw the Lunc.

3.4 When both Lunc and BTC. price decrease, they need to hold it all.

As I mention above, BN. is the key person who will support this proposal to be real.
And, next will explain what is the benefit why BN will not refuse this offer.

The advantage of 2 Op feature compare with the normal swap?
Consider chart below:

If today the BTC.'s trader look to buy 1 BTC. they should buy Lunc and join the 2Op. feature. because of they will get a chance to earn a huge profit when Lunc price go to the moon after repeg finished.

Then, we check to the BTC daily trade volume is around $12,641,803,700. and focus to volume of retails and middle investors is around 23%. 2Op. feature can help them to earn a huge profit while invest in normal trade BTC. can’t do that.

So, this the reasons why 5% volume of BTC. traders will choose invest to Lunc and join 2Op feature.
Because they still can earn profit when BTC price increase and have a chance to get a huge profit from Lunc. If 5% of BTC volume choose invest with us it will help Cex earn fee profit more than $50M/month and burning 400Billions Lunc supply per month and fund in Community and Oracle pool increase 200Billions/Month.
That why we will have asset enough to buy back the USTC within 1 year.

Chart below explain more clear to easy to understand.

If this proposal pass
The daily trade volume = $638.88M
Burn 453 Billions Lunc/Month
Oracle Pool fund increase = 225 Billions/Month
Community Pool fund increase = 225 Billions/Month
Binance earn profit from fee = $38.1/Month.

The finally, This is my vision to repeg when we have asset enough.

I will leave this proposal to discussion.(if this proposal pass i request to Redline or L1 team to continue work this job)
on 1st.June i will upload this proposal to vote in Governance.
Credit: Thanks to Seany and Tonu give me the inspiration.


Redline is busy, the L1 is busy.

You make a prop YOU see it through. If you have no idea how to implement it you can’t action it.

You will work for free?

Redline and the team have been paid for what they are working on…where is the funding for a new project? Will you pay?

I’m sorry you’ll be wasting LUNC with this prop.

Don’t do it! That’s the best advice I can give.

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You always have a partition. Don’t look through to the detail. This time you are wrong seany. I agree for comment that show me the weak point of the details. If they say no i have the way to do. First focus on the details on this proposal.


It’s your LUNC and it up to you…but don’t risk it if you don’t get the support.


Please sell you don’t want utility on this chain and one of the many people causing delays for innovation f you pal


You sell. You are one with a mind too narrow to accept utility and deflationary system.

If you think this will pass you are mad.

Now not that it doesn’t have a good idea…it’s expecting everyone else to implement it.

I’ll keep my stake, f you if you’d be so kind sir :wink:

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Seany, I am serious for this proposal. What is the weak points you see in this?
I have provide more and more detail until this time is very clear for all question.
1st thing, you should ask yourself, this proposal is or ist’t it has a benefit?
2nd thing, Cex who join has or hasn’t get the benefit?
Don’t think and decide instead an others one.

I’ve literally told you the problems.

You can’t implement it.

The cexs wint agree.

We are already asking the cexs for help.

Here’s an idea, go speak to the cexs and once they agree in principle and greenlight your plan I’ll vote yes.


Ok. It clear for me.
It mean you completely agreed with this proposal. Just only worry about technical issue. Your punch always give me the success way.

you should take it up with binance since they will be doing all the work.


This time, i love you. Kryptobia.

@Kryptobia @Seany22
Already sent to them by email.


Let us reconvene when you have their answer.

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Thanks, Tonu
I have never an experience to contact with BN. and I am not sure how long they feedback.
Or, They will not feedback.
Anyway, If doesn’t have any feedback.
I will follow up to them around 30.May’23.

Bug them every few days, but patience is a better option.

Your proposal is only worth what Binance replies and if they reply.


Yes,you are correct.
I must wait.
You and seany and an other in community help to refined this proposal. I have do my best and next leave it to Binance.

As I Know the proposal 1.2% burn on chain from jesusislord also need CEX support.

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Lets get it done guys…keep working as 1 team to get lunc repegged and burn :fire: trillions quickly…lets get lunc back on track and get investors back on track with us…

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Great idea big brain! You always don’t like when anyone disagree with you. So I can say only “GREAT IDEA BRO” you do the very good job please don’t stop to do and don’t give up.
But, I don’t support you :smiley:

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Sorry,bro. You should support me if no feedback from BN.
On 1st.June, I should upload this proposal to governance. If this proposal pass it will encourage power full of me to deal with BN. If not pass, i will forget it and hope a day in next future someone will retake this proposal to do instead me.

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