Mr Do, if not burn, no matther u do, no body will trust u any more

Dear Mr Do Kwon,

To be honest, if you finally do not choose to burn LUNA to save it.

In future, no matter you do or create, no body will trust you any more.

remark : if you also wanna Mr Do know this, please reply and like.


He doesn’t give a f.uck, he’ll set up his 3rd p0nzi with no legal repercussions, and he’ll get away with refunding 1 dollar to each of us because of supposedly not enough reserves. All good for him. Multimillionaire already

He just wanna get other sca.m with new coin, new game.

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this man only cares about his own belly button! he just has to accept that the project has become bigger than him and the leadership is not up to him… deciding this way only shows how much he cares :lying_face: :lying_face: :lying_face:

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Karma catches up with everyone one day. It doesn’t matter if his ego transcends the Solar System.

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