New New New luna v2

Does anyone know how the new luna release price will be, if the price is low, I will sell all of them before airdroop because it will be more profitable if I sell now. For example, if I buy 4 million coins at the current price, it will cost 60-odd New lunas, according to the calculation over 10%… if the exit price was $1, it would be $60, but if you sell the current 4 million coins back, it would cost $520, in short, I don’t find it suitable for a new investor to buy an airdroop. It will be more logical to check after it is listed on the stock exchanges, please correct me if I am wrong :smirk::smirk::smirk:

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dont invest in crypto if u have to ask this kind of question… u will lose everything.

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Can anyone tell me what is the price of new LUNA at launch time??

How else is he to learn?

The answer is absolutely no one knows.
It will depend on a lot of factors, and the market will be the biggest. There are some ponziesque tokenomics (extreme vesting periods) and FOMO generation attempts on twitter, but note that the vesting period of Assetmantle, an NFT project on Cosmos, did not help its price much after release. Also Luna v2 will be fighting an uphill battle in negative retail sentiment unlike most other Cosmos projects.

But most importantly… if you REALLY think Luna v2 will work despite everything, it’s probably a good idea to wait some days after release when the unlocked tokens will come down in price and pick it up on an exchange IF anyone lists it. It will definitely come down a lot from its launching price, every single airdropped project does.
On a side note, if no CEX lists it, usually you can buy it on one of the DEXes of Cosmos but Cosmos developers are moving to veto Luna v2 because DK refused to include Cosmos Dex users in his airdrop.


bro its the basics… u learn this at school. Offer and Demand, that what drive any market in the world.

Investing in crypto wwithout knowing this basics is like wanting to learn how to BOX in UFC…

Not everyone learns at school. Some people hear about something, get interested, and ask questions wanting to try. I don’t want them to be dumb or stupid for asking something you know. We are all trying to learn in this new world.

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You talking a lot but so far you didnt taught him anything… im the one who did mention the basic rule which is demand and offer. That the hint which could help him while you are here trying to teach the old monkey “OLD” tricks…


1 penny so we get to buy lollipops with our 10cents refund yaaaay our thousands went into good use

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