New Token Price ($LUNA, $LUNC)

How to know at what price the new token will be released? will it be the same as the old version?

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It can’t be predicted yet. Please wait for further details.

It doesn’t matter what price it starts, the important thing is till what price it will drop.

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has the Korean authority’s attempting to freeze LFG funds had an effect on the timeline?

I’m not sure if that’s actually the correct news or just a rumour.

No, it won’t be the same as the old that’s for sure, their prices are not artificially connected. But as the mod mayankgrover is saying, it cannot be predicted. I also agree with Inanc though. Whatever initial price you get, you can’t sell it all off so it doesn’t matter. And like I’ve been saying, this ‘vesting period’ absolutely decimates retail sellers.
If you want to know what ballpark this massive ‘vesting’ will be in, just look at $AKT or $DVPN price movement.

AKT once hit $6 a bit less than a year ago, it is $0.45 after several ‘unlocks’. DVPN is even worse… it almost reached 5 cents at one point, but it’s like 0.13 cents after a few unlocks. So yes… the airdrop will not be much, especially when we can sell it, or at least the entirety of it.


I’m pretty sure it won’t be listed on major exchanges. They will try to create and list their own exchanges. Therefore it will be worthless. This is a huge mistake, the new luna is worthless.
CZ makes a statement in case you didn’t buy it, you ask Binance, they don’t answer, nobody cares.


CZ is in trouble because of calling “safe” to Terra once. I don’t think he will take another risk by listing new Luna. Why would he?
I am so surprised that Terra Team still insists on new LUNA instead of trying to fix their bad reputation.

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I will NEVER invest in the new coin. Furthermore, I will never TRUST an entity that so blatantly goes against the wishes of everyone who made it successful.


Not a rumor, unfortunately: 경찰, 테라폼랩스 직원 횡령 정황 파악…자금 동결 요청 | 블록미디어 (
경찰 ‘테라폼랩스’ 횡령 정황 포착…범죄 연루 됐나 | 연합뉴스 (

Both news are from today. The one on the bottom is literally an hour ago; ytn is one of the largest Korean media companies so the possibility of this being fake is extremely small, I would say.

They’re both in Korean but it literally says the police have spotted embezzlement inside TFL and are moving to freeze TFL funds and investigate TFL and DK. However, it does not explicit say so but I imagine this is about TFL Korea, which only had small funds right before dissolution. We’ll hear more about it soon enough for sure.

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The news about TFL office in Singapore empty was also fake and not fully true, as that office was under renovation right now. Still difficult to believe this. Also the news related to tax evasion on TFL was also not true, as it was clearly told by Do Kwon later.

This is not a price chat.