No Airdrop received for aUst in Kujira

Hi admins,

Before the Pre-Attack snapshot at block 7544910, I deposited 3 separate bids in Kujira worth $59,688 of aUst in total. Below is a screenshot of transactions where $59,688 UST was deposited into Anchor followed by $2000 UST. Next I submitted three bids worth of ~$19,896 UST ($16,044 aUST) in Kujira. These were my final transactions before the snapshot.

Address - terra1pstvqlyullnewgple8xkv88av07hxc43vmxue5



I did received 25.45 Luna as an Airdrop for the $2,000 of aUst. Can someone please help to see if I can receive the Airdrop for my aUSt that was in Kujira? It would be greatly appreciated and a slight relief given the events of the past few weeks.

Thank you all in advance.


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Hi, can one of you take a look at the original thread post?

Thank you!