No to burn

Say no to burn.
This is one of the examples:

These are the same vultures in this group.

I don’t support the fork neither the burn but if the fork goes ahead I hope these vultures are the first to lose everything no compensation needed.

you are jealous to them , you can buy now too if you enough courage they can buy the dip thats market , even me buy from 30 until nơ dcaing 100 times , i believe in project can revive , burn maybe i can take lost 50% or if luck 100% my invest luna still here if fork well we lost almost everything , airdrop just few token v2 no value also lock 2 years , in crypto 2 years long way anything happen , also v2 not sure when it can relist on popular cex like binance bybit , just a promise from dev and we lost all hope , no trust on v2 , new investors wont buy old scare dev team already , think yourself

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did you really just made a governance thread to shitpost this? kid this is not reddit


Coordinated attacks against Luna, possible back room deals within the LFG board, Kwon daring people to destroy his coin instead of fixing the issues pointed out to him.

But people buying the coin cheap. That’s the windmill you choose to fight. :rofl:

Oh look a retard who spent + $100 to buy millions/billion of Luna and won’t get anything :joy::joy::joy: