Plan to Prevent a Fork Vote

They plan to vote on forking LUNA for a new token without the rest of the holders who wants DK to fix the problem than evade it.

How can I help prevent another death spiral?

  1. Pressure validators, builders with tweets that forking isn’t a viable option
  2. Call them at their office (Remain composed and speak logically)
  3. Tag people of influence to help out, especially CZ since he can influence the Terra team the most.
    *No illegal. These are done usually to US senators/officials who are going against the wishes of their constituents.

Great, how do we vote against the proposal.
The small amount of Luna held pre crash is worthless at present.
Am I correct in understanding the current Luna I have staked post crash will now be worthless also?

How do we vote against the proposal.
Why can’t a burn of Luna occur along with a new collaterally backed stable coin and move on rebuilding slowly.

This will be the only way any form of Luna and brand regains value, the depreciation in value and brand is to great to be able to just pretend it didn’t happen and start again somewhere else.

No need to compensate for loses that was the risk, but allow the existing to regain value.

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Can’t we just buy some really cheap Luna and vote against the fork? Also why Can’t i create a new post in the forums?