[PROPOSAL] Allow post-attack LUNA holders to enter the pre-attack pool for the airdrop in exchange of burning 99% of their holdings


This proposal aims to give post-attack LUNA holder a chance to opt to enter the pre-attack tier in exchange of sending the vast majority of their LUNA holdings to burn.


This proposal is giving post-attack holders that bought LUNA at high prices (but still post-attack) a chance to not to have to compete with people who bought in the millions/billions for a penny as well as giving late investors interested in TERRA v2 ecosystem an opt to get rid of their LUNA to get more LUNA v2, if that’s what they are investing for.


The way this should be done is by whitelisting certain wallet addresses provided they give evidence that they sent their LUNA tokens to the burn wallet prior to the snapshot.
I am NOT giving precise details on how to do this because I honestly don’t know how this could be tackled. I will leave this open for edits so people with better knowledge can provide better approaches on how to tackle this, if they have any.


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Maybe take three snapshots?

7th may
13 may
27 may?

Everyone is equal in that sense.

Or take the snapshot at 13 may before the last halt. People who sold won’t be included in that sense.

But people who held during all this mess would be covered.


Im actually completely failing to see the justification of segregating holders by snapshot dates at all.
Somebody had to be selling for somebody else to buy, as far as i know its an open market and many are still holding worthless coins that yhey paid $100+ for, and people are holding worthless coins they paid 20 cents for in June 2020.
If i have some real commodity, lets say popcorn, that was not expensive then the market price went up because of a surge in demand, then due to that surge 5 more popcorn companies flood the market and drive tge price to lower than they can continue to produce it for, im still eating the same snack, the cheap stuff tastes the same as the expensive stuff and theres no penalty for going and buying the new super dirt cheap stuff, whether or not ive bought before.