[Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction πŸ’Š [PART I]

Coinbase suspending ust and wluna trading on 27th of may. For those who care.

And they did remove all proposals Except two

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wtf they did

so most of the validators are against the fork. I think

this one is ending soon and it says on the proposal there will be in other words more luna minting to save ust, at the cost of luna being diluted.

Isn’t that already done? I don’t think they will do the same mistake again. This was the failed attempt in the first place.

they are gonna do it again if it passes

Circumstances have changed now, that is not valid anymore

it already passed Terra Station

they have over 300 million votes

Do kwon has retweeted some posts from new and fake pages in his twitter to force his idea on the investors. Now I believe that the whole thing is a S C A M, and this is a complex one. Please be cautious.

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copy pasted from another group:

According to the legal community, on the 18th, LKB & Partners, a law firm representing Luna and TerraUSD (UST) investors, will sue Kwon and apply for the pressurization of his property.

LKB has tentatively decided to submit the complaint and the application for property pressurization to the Seoul District Police Agency’s Financial Investigation Unit or the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office, and is considering suing Shin Hyun-sung, the co-founder of Terraform Labs.

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I have already send request to admins to disable the 4 hours slowdown.

Definitely getting huge red flags about what is going to happen soon. Wish I could put in shorts.

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Kindly post it in [Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction [PART II]

As I can’t keep up with comments on here nor I can update it.

@HelloThere as has been delegated and he can’t update the current thread anymore

That’s why there is separate thread now as continuing which will be updated

Due to moderators yet not being active. We both have communicated to them to disable the 4 hours but they are yet to see.

does it matter now cos they removed all proposals except 2. spread this out in public

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@HelloThere is not active anymore.

You can read the thread UPDATE part

Thank you for the follow up.

Cause the proposals won’t be updated