Really Do Kwon?

so people who sold as Luna tanked get a 1:0.7 airdrop but people who purchased going down and after blockchain halt only get 1:0.0001? How is that fair in any way? The people who took the most risk to try and save / trade / buy / invest in Luna after de-peg get screwed while you and everyone else who capitulated or sold / didn’t fix the flaws in your system get the most? really? You spent billions of dollars and didn’t fix anything. You diluted Luna to the point that it was worth fractions of pennies and now you want to screw people over more with a reverse split that isn’t remotely fair to anyone except people who held prior to the depeg.

You could start a transactional burn with burn tax and get exchanges on board to help with a fee per trade that could then be sent and burned. You could ask binance for help. but because you have a Cluster B personality disorder namely Narcissistic personality disorder, you would rather watch the world burn and save your own ass than listen to everyone who is telling you not to do this. because that is what Cluster B personality disordered people do. You like the chaos because it feeds your narcissism. It won’t matter what anyone says because the flaw in your brain was implemented in your childhood. So do whatever you want, you’re going to anyways.

I fart in your general direction Do Kwon.


How do you fix the chain? Let’s see burn via taxing? Taxing transactions does not encourage trading. No trading = no fees. Taxing doesn’t help the trillions of tokens that need to be burned. It will be a slow and painful grind. On top of this, the network governance is f’d due to token distribution. No sane developer will continue to build on a damaged blockchain which will make it worse for Luna. Move on.


UST I have you on binance, where do you have to have them, in case they do an airdrop and give us something? Thank you.

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Read my proposal! All wallets need
to be tagged as deflated, sent to an Oven which burns and reset the deflated wallet to the original supply of lets say for example 500mil. The Oven untags the wallet after the deflation fee has been applied and sends back the remaining coins to its owner.

The advantage is that that no tax or something like that needs to be applied which would mess with the market and discourage trading activity etc.

Its an easy solution and its more or less instant and I hope my proposal will be heard, tweaked and implemented!


One of you here has the most funniest idea around and insist that he or she is to be listened.

Close. Taxation is a very short term solution, long-term is just kills economic activity in Terra. The answer is to get everyone aligned with 1 simple goal: burn all the excess $UST because it’s bad debt. [Proposal] A Better Way Forward™ = TFL pays back $UST by burning excesses, NO FORK